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Host of Tiki Central Canada: Craig Stephens

My name is Craig Stephens and I am the host of this amazing show all about Tiki drinks and culture! I am a bartender who specializes in cocktails, especially original recipe Tiki cocktails. I've worked in the hospitality industry for over 25 years. Read Craig's full bio on our About Page!

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Co-host for the Show: Paola Vettori:

My name is Paola Vettori and I was born in Brazil, but now call Ottawa my home! I’m new to Tiki culture, but I’ve been behind a microphone for 18 years! Read Paola's full bio on our About Page!

Paola now has an amazing Traveler's "Picky Pairs" YouTube channel. Please click here to get to her channel. Great videos around the world and places to eat!

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Co-Host of Tiki Central Canada: Cam Warriner  

My name is Cam Warriner and I am your co-host! I keep Craig diving into new research and looking for answers to questions about Tiki drinks and culture. Read Cam's full bio on our About Page!

Note: Oh man, where did Cam go this time to get the perfect photo!!!

What's New with Tiki Central Canada


Cream of Coconut I use for all our recipes and Paola now uses for Paola's wish. You will find these in any specialty coffee shop NOT grocery store or liquor store.

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RUM TASTING EPISODE: This episode walks you through a few rums to try out and use in tiki drinks. Here is the link for the show: Rum Tasting bonus episode, part 1  and part 2: Rum Tasting BONUS episode, part 2 and Rum tasting 2020 show: Rum Tasting Show 2020

Here is the link for the distillation process of rum if you want to know more on  how rum is made: Rum Distillation YouTube video

To get descriptions on these rums and their information, click this link:


Mark Keill (our Tiki expert) is always on the run to another tiki bar or should I say crawl to!! On Mark's page, you will find tons of information on tiki bars around North America.  Click's Mark's picture to hear the interview! Or click here to go to Mark's page (Also, to get to the episode and information for "How to Build a Tiki Bar".

Future shows:   

Next episode will be about South Pacific and Castaway cocktail and also some cool facts about the Movie that put tiki on the map in North America. This episode will be followed by a show on tiki books (what ones you should get and ones not!!). 

To get to the Tiki Trivia page, please click the following link:

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Newest Episode: Episode 85: Royal Hawaiian Cocktail and the Hotel

Hi guys,

Welcome to 2022 and our season 5 for us now!!! We are so excited about this year as we have dedicated to giving you more shows and more amazing cocktails. We will also be including more interviews from bartenders and tiki experts.

This episode has tons of information and cool facts but an amazing colorful cocktail that you got try. We will be covering the Royal Hawaiian cocktail and details about the hotel as well in Hawaii.

First off, the cocktail is got a Canadian product which is amazing considering this is an international cocktail and so makes me proud to see we are on the international platform on a tiki level. It has a great combination of pineapple juice, orgeat (almond), lime juice and Empress gin (which is a purple colorful floral gin that is not so booze forward). This cocktail definitely tastes tropical and looks colorful as well. Break out your crushed ice bag as you will need it for this cocktail or in Paola's case go to your fridge and grab some crushed ice.
Recipe came from Jeff Beachbum Berry “Remixed book and The Royal Hawaiian Cocktail was originally called the Princess Kaiulani in the early 1920’s but was renamed in the 1950s.

Recipe to this cocktail and many more:

So we go over some cool facts about the hotel itself like that it cost $4 million to build in 1927 (which in today's dollars is $15,325,495) . It was also known as the “Pink Palace of the Pacific” which was a Portuguese influence on its architectural design. It also was the location for the famous Webley Edwards’ then-famous radio program Hawaii Calls, featuring the Singing Surfriders and the Waikiki Maidens, and up to 3,000 tourists at a time would pack the courtyard to watch the show. Mark will give us more information on Edwards who was the first report Pearl harbor attack back during WWII which the hotel was home to US navy officers as well.

On "Did you Know?" segment: we talk about Captain James Cook who had 3 voyages around the world. On January 18th, 1778, Captain James Cook arrives in Hawaii. He was an explorer that navigated the Pacific Ocean and mapped out New Zealand. He also mapped out Newfoundland which those maps are still used today by naval ships. His first voyage was to help determine the distance from the Earth to the sun during an eclipse of Venus on the sun. Don't ask me how that is done as its all science. I must have missed that class. Anyways, he went on his second voyage and landed in Australia and third was Hawaii. He has come controversial stories behind his death as the tribes killed him on his second trip to Hawaii.

Links to the show:
Webley Edwards’ Hawaii calls show:
Webley Edwards Hawaii Calls show YouTube

Hawaii calls: exotic instrumentals (1961) Webley Edwards exotica:
YouTube Instrumental exotica

Hawaii calls greatest hits:

YouTube Hawaii Calls greatest hits (audio)

Cocktail links: and

Royal Hawaiian hotel video walk thru: Royal Hawaiian Hotel Walk Thru video

History of Captain James Cook: YouTube Captai James Cook history

Cocktail recipe page: Royal Hawaiian Cocktail Recipe page


On our "Traveler's Tips" segment, we talk about how to pack and when to pack. Here is Sebastian Maniscalco's take on what not to do at the airport. Totally hilarious! Click the picture to see the full video.


New Recipes: Royal Hawaiian Cocktail



1 ½ oz Empress gin, ½ oz fresh lemon/lime  juice, 1 ½ oz unsweetened pineapple juice, Teaspoon orgeat syrup (I'm putting in 0.5 oz of orgeat)


Shake all ingredients but the gin with no ice and strain into a tall Collins glass...add crushed ice to the top of the Collins glass and then float the gin on top...


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If you work for a bar or restaurant that would like us to record a show at your location, and feature some of your amazing food and drinks, then click on the link. Please submit a little bit about yourself and your bar or restaurant.

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