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Episode #1: Welcome to Tiki Central Canada

Tiki Central Canada is a about Tiki drinks, culture, methods and of course rum.

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Episode #2: Mai Tai

This episode covers the history of Mai Tai. The ingredients that makes one and you will be surprised what is not in it.

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Episode #3: Pirates

On this episode, we talk about the history of rum, the Caribbeans, and pirates.

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Episode #4:Tom Collins and Gin

On this episode, we will cover drink Tom Collins with its history and recipe.

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Episode #5: Cuba and Mojitos

Hey Guys, Sorry for the delay...unfortunately there is no Cam (co-host) for this episode

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Episode #6: Pina Colada

Pina Colada!! Pina Colada!! So good news, Cam is back!! WE discuss today about the cool refreshing summer drink: Pina Colada.

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Episode #7: Pain Killer Cocktail

New episode and.. hey new mics...let us know if we are new and improved in our comments!! Today, we talk about the tiki drink made in 1970:

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Episode #8: Evoo and Zombie Cocktail

A nice surprise episode as we recorded this one on location of Evoo Greek Kitchen in Ottawa.

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Episode #9: Bahamas/Bahama Mama

Hey folks, I just flew back from my trip to the Bahamas and man are my arms are tired.

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Episode #10: Sangria and special guest: Rachelle O’Connor

So, on this episode, we are live from the Earl of Sussex!! This is our tenth episode and amazing we are still here…thanks to our listeners (Yes, you guys! And my mother).

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Episode #11: Caesar (Canada’s drink) and Landon from Algonquin College Bartending Program

So today we talk about Canada's national drink: the Caesar.

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Episode #12: Breeze Family

This episode covers the history of what we call the “Breeze” family (cocktails).

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Episode #13: Fog Cutter

This great episode talks about one of the original drinks of tiki culture. Yes, as usual both Trader Vic and Don the Beachcomber have their spin on this drink and claim to have created it back in the 1940s.

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Episode #14: Singapore Sling

We are covering today the Singapore Sling. Yes, that classic drink you hear get ordered once in awhile at a bar but always wondered what is in this drink and where did it come from?

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Episode #15: Pirates and Navy Grog Cocktail

Sorry for the delay folks! Arrrr...It's "Talk Like a Pirate" day on September 19th. So this episode,

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Episode #16: Hot Buttered Rum Drinks

This is the season for pumpkin spice drinks! But wait..pumpkin belongs in a pie so we are going to do cinnamon spice rum drinks.

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Episode #17: Test Pilot Cocktail

Hey guys we are back! We want to welcome our new listeners to the show and please leave any comments you would like to leave for us.

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Episode #18: Three Dots and a Dash Cocktail

Here is another great episode on tiki cocktails with this one featuring a classic: Three Dots and a Dash. This drink has a cool garnish: 3 cherries and a pineapple spear.

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Episode #19: Rum Swizzle

On this episode, we go to Bermuda to get the famous Rum Swizzle cocktail. It's made at the Swizzle Inn of course in Bailey's Bay, Bermuda.

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Episode #20: Tiki Cocktails from North America

Hey guys! This is our final episode of the year and what a year it has been (being our first year). We start the show off with a lovely Christmas story for you to enjoy!

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Episode #21: Scorpion Bowl

Hey guys, Welcome to 2019. A new year and new episode.

Cam is not on this episode as he is skiing the slops of Vancouver (Cam..don't break a leg). We have a few of my regular guests from Earl of Sussex that are filling in for Cam.

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Episode #22: Hurricane Cocktail @ Algonquin College in Ottawa

Hi guys! I hope everyone is enjoying the new year and so this episode we are recording live from the Bartending Program at Algonquin College in Ottawa (this part 1 of 2 at the college).

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Episode #23: Bacardi Cocktail (recorded at Algonquin College Bartending Program)

Hey guys, This is our second show recorded from Algonquin College Bartending Program with special guests: Mike (covering for Cam as you noticed Cam is still looking for the perfect picture travelling the world),

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Episode #24: Blue Monkey Cocktail from Curacao (with special guests: Dan and Mike)

Hi Guys, Just got back from Curacao and you are wondering where is this place? I'll fill you in and the cool cocktail we learned on our trip that is a great tropical drink for the summer or even now!

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Episode #25: Chill Out from Curacao (with special guests: Dan and Mike)

Hey guys, This is part two of my journey to Curacao and another amazing drink we found at the Sunscape Resort near Willemstad, Curaçao.

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Episode #26: Jungle Bird with guest Mark Keill and NEW co-host: Paola Vettori

Hey Folks!!

So this is a special episode as I have a NEW co-host Paola Vettori from Broadcasting Program (intern of BOB FM Brockville) {while Cam is gone}.

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Episode #27: Planter’s Punch (recorded live at “Made with Love” event in Ottawa.

Hi Guys, Yes, we recorded this episode live at the "Made with Love" competition in Ottawa on April 1st.

There will be in the background so I do apologize ahead of the time for the additional background noise.

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Episode #28: Dr. Funk cocktail and “How to build a tiki bar”

Hi Folks!!

So we will be helping you on build and decorate a tiki bar since the summer is just around the corner. The drink that we will cover is Dr. Funk that has been in the tiki culture since the beginning...yes, the first tiki bar of Don the Beachcomber.

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Episode #29: 151 Swizzle Cocktail and Tiki Trivia

Hi Folks!!

This special episode we will be doing TIKI TRIVIA with Paola and special guest Norma (she does our Travel Tips segment). We hope you have been listening to all of our episodes as the answers are in them.

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Episode #30: Margaritas and Cinco De Mayo

Hey Folks, Sorry for delay but this is a great episode about the amazing holiday called "Cinco De Mayo" which obviously is celebrated every May 5th.

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Episode #31: Nui Nui (Pupule) Cocktail and “How to Build a Tiki Bar, Part 2 ” (with Mark Keill)

Hey Guys, Sorry, for delay of the show (mostly scheduling and summer time which means landscape work and yes, the tiki bar being prepped for the season).

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Episode #32: Suffering Bastard Cocktail and “Disney and Tiki” with special guest Justin

Hi Folks! This episode is all about the “Suffering Bastard” cocktail and yes Paola brought along Justin to help us with Disney segment (and no…he is not a suffering bastard LOL).

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Episode #33: Chief Lapu Lapu Cocktail and History of Ferdinand Magellan

Hey Folks! I hope you are enjoying the summer and some Tiki drinks!

This episode will cover the cocktail named Chief Lapu Lapu. It is one of those typical Tiki cocktails that have different stories of "who" and "when" it was created.

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Episode 34: Puka Punch and Tiki Ti Bar (Mark Keill)

Hey Folks! I hope you are enjoying the summer and some Tiki drinks!

Hey Guys, So this is a first! This show is co-written by Mark Keill (our tiki expert). So tons of information.

This show will be about a tiki bar in California called Tiki Ti. This amazing bar is created and was ran by Ray Buhen.

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Episode 35: Nelson’s Blood Cocktail and Black Tot Day

Hi Folks, well the summer is over and we are back to work now. Yes 🙁

This episode we will be talking about a cocktail named Nelson's Blood. Why are we drink his blood? Well, there is more to the story then just the drink. We have to start with Pusser's rum (British Navy rum). Why are we talking about this rum and what is its relation to the drink?

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Episode 36: (BONUS EPISODE) “Talk Like A Pirate Day” and Dark N Stormy Cocktail

Hi Guys, this is a special extra episode we came up with since it will be "Talk Like a Pirate Day" on September 19th.

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Episode 37: Blue Hawaii and Blue Hawaiian Cockatil (Brady Bunch episode)

Hey Folks.... It's true ...CAM IS BACK!!!!! This episode is great to the tiki world as we discuss two famous tiki cocktails (that's right: two co-host equals two cocktails).

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Episode 38: Mezcal Cocktails (Day of the Dead)

Hi Folks! This is a great episode that deals with a new spirit we haven't discussed before. This spirit is called Mezcal (which is Tequila's brother) as it is made from only kind of agave plant (Blue agave). We go over two different cocktails that contain this great spirit.

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Episode 39: Missionary’s Downfall Cocktail and Thanksgiving (USA)

Happy holidays guys!! We know that our USA listeners just celebrated Thanksgiving weekend and Black Friday (ouch!).

We will be discussing Missionary's Downfall cocktail which is an original Don the Beachcomber classic. It is a drink that was actually inspired by the Cuban's Daiquiri which Don found while travelling the Caribbean. He was fascinated that they would alter the drink and this drove him to do the same.

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Episode:  Rum Tasting, part 2

Hi Guys, NOTE: This is not our regular show format as we don't feature a drink or its history at all.

We been asked by many listeners, what rums I should have on my bar to make these tiki drinks? Do I need all these rums to make drinks?

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Episode 40: Voodoo Grog and Christmas

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

We decided this year to add our Christmas scene at the end of the show so you can enjoy the regular show. So, as a bonus and our traditional Christmas show we have added a Christmas Carol scene for you from us (end of the show)!!

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Episode 41: Mary Pickford Cocktail and Prohibition

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

Hey Guys, Happy New Year and we are back now from vacation!!

We just had the 100th anniversary of the 18th amendment of the United States Constitution (Prohibition) which was on January 17th, 1920.

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Episode 42: Shark’s Tooth Cocktail and the movie Jaws

Hey guys,

We are doing today a Don the Beachcomber classic tiki cocktail called Shark's Tooth. It was on his original menus and competed against the famous "Zombie" drink in ever location Don had but never got the same recognition as the Zombie.

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Episode 43: Bee Knees Cocktail and Prohibition part 2

Hey guys, We want to start off by congratulations to Heather Sibley for winning our monthly contest!! Stay tuned for more of those to come!!

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Episode 44: Antigua and Tropical Cocktails (part 1)

Hi Guys, Just got back from my trip to Antigua and we have so much to cover on this amazing tropical island that we decided to break the one recording into two shows for you.

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Episode 45: Antigua part 2 and BBC (Banana Baileys Coconut) Cocktail

This is part 2 of the great adventure to Antigua. The episode was so long that we split it into two. So if you haven't listened to part one of this episode, please go back and give it a listen!!

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Episode 46: TIKI JUEKBOX PART1 (Mark’s and Craig’s TOP 10)

Hi Guys, We are hoping everyone is okay and staying home to be safe from the COVID-19 virus. We have something special for you today to help raise your spirits. We have come up with our top 10 list each (Mark and Craig) for you to enjoy while we are stuck at home. We thought of this months ago and finally was able to formulate lists (wasn't easy as we could have made this top 50 or 100).

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Episode 47: TIKI JUEKBOX PART 2 (Mark’s and Craig’s TOP 10)

Hey Guys, This is part two of Tiki Jukebox TOP 10 list from Mark's and Craig's picks!


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Episode 48: Pusser’s British Navy Rum and a Tribute to the Navy!!!!!

Hi guys,

I want to start off that I hope everyone is doing well in these COVID-19 times and that we are doing everything we can to bring the show to you. We know that people need something to take them to their oasis in these times and we hope that we do just that.

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Episode 49: Captain's Grog and a Bottle of Rum....

Hey Guys,

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe! We are so glad all of our listeners are tuning into us and enjoy a little piece of paradise for an hour. We will always bring you shows during this time!

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Episode 50: Cobra's Fang Cocktail and over-proofed rum....

Hey Folks, I hope everyone is being safe and doing well! We will always have shows and information for you to educated and entertain you as well in these times. And oh...like our new look...logos and headers are new so don't get confused!!! Besides, I'm sure you wanted to see our smiley faces!!!

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Episode 51: Ancient Mariner Cocktail and the Call of Cthulhu

Hi Folks,

I hope everyone is doing well and we are glad that we get to bring you the show while you are stuck at home. This episode's drink that we will be covering is called the Ancient Mariner which is a Jeff "Beachbum" Berry cocktail. This drink was created by accident as Jeff was reverse engineering one of Trader Vic's recipe "The Navy Grog".

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Episode 52: National Mai Tai day and the real story....

Hey guys,

So this whole show is all about the Mai Tai because on June 30th, it's national Mai Tai day!! On another note, June 27th is national pineapple day (Paola's favorite)!

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Episode 53: Canada VS USA (National Holidays) plus Trivia

Hey Guys,

Happy Canada Day or Independence Day (4th of July) for everyone. I know with these COVID times that the celebration is not its usual bang and big party BUT we thought we would help you with some cool drinks to use during your celebration.

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Episode 54: Tiki Trivia

Hi Guys,

So this show will be different than our usual format as in there is no drinks (well we are having drinks) but no drink recipes or history of drinks today. This is Tiki Trivia today!!!

Have you been listening closely to the show and remember all those cool facts? Well, today we find out as we ask you and my co-host some questions that are all about what we have covered in the past year. Don't panic to write the questions down or try to remember all the multiple options to each question as we have made you a trivia sheet on our website that you can follow along and see how well you do.

We don't do all the trivia questions just like last year but we do some cool facts about the year. We cover topics like pirates, Cinco de mayo, Blue Hawaii (Paola's favorite drink), Voodoo MacBeth, and others. Here is the link to the trivia page: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/tiki-trivia/

You will find all the answers at the bottom of the page under "2020" and yes, like the old days in the newspapers...the answers are upside down. No cheating!!!! Mark comes along with Paola to figure just how much they know and remember from the show. Stay tuned for the next episode of 3 and 4 ingredient cocktails for the hot summer day and you just want to whip up an quick and easy cocktail. Of course, as usual I'll be giving you some cool history and facts about each drink. Stay Safe and so glad to be out and enjoying this summer as I'm sure you are as well!!!

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Link: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/subscribe/

Episode 55: Summertime Easy Cocktails (3 and 4 ingredients)

Hi Guys,

I hope you are enjoying your summer with delicious cocktails and of course sunny beachy weather (well, we are not on a beach but you get the point)! We figured for those hot summer days outside you can make some easy recipes you can make with things around your kitchen and some rum of course!!

We will be covering three cocktails and some cool facts about them today: Daiquiri, Moijto, and Caipirinha .

Daq: classic cocktail that through time we have seen evolve into other drinks. It is the bases of most tiki drink origins combining sugar, sour (lime) and rum. It history is not what you usually see or read on the internet. It wasn't created by a man named Jenning Cox in Cuba in 1902 but by the British Royal Navy and pirates (yes my favorite) back in 1600s. It started with rum rations on the ships daily plus lime juice to prevent scurvy. The rum was very potent and so you could add sugar (which you would receive for doing extra tasks onboard). It was also a fav with Ernest Hemingway the author whos statue is place at "La Floridita" bar where he enjoyed them.

Mojito: Another Cubian classic and not what you think when it comes to how did it start. It was Cubian tribesmen who gave this conjunction to British crew when they arrived on the island to help with illness such as scurvy. The original spirit was Aguardiente (which translates into "fire water"). The British brought their rum supplies and eventually the drink was made with that. It is nice combination of rum, sugar, lime juice, mint and club soda. There will be some muddling of the mint in this drink. You can either shake or build this drink but either way is amazing!! It was another Hemingway favorite that he wrote into a book. Yes, he loves his drinks.,..sometimes a little too much!!!

Caipirinha: This is a Brazilian national drink which is not as popular as the others but definitely refreshing drink for those hot days or when you have friends over and like a drink you can savor for awhile amongst company. This cocktail deals with rum's brother (Cachaca) which is from the sugar cane juice instead of sugar cane byproduct molasses. It tropical earthy tones are great for this simple drink. You will be do again some muddling and also scoring of your limes to make this drink. It can be shaken or build in the glass. This drink was also made with Aguardiente but as I found out through Paola (our Brazilian expert) that it can be made as well with Vodka or Sake.

On Mark's adventures: We will be discussing Seattle's Bar: The Diller Room. This bar is NOT a tiki bar!! Yeah, you are thinking why are we covering it if it's not a tiki bar. Well, on Mark's adventures and finding out where do other bartenders go this place came to be. The bartender there named Jason Wojslaw has a passion for tiki cocktails. He created his own menu and glassware for his very own "Tiki Tuesday" he does at The Diller. On Jason's adventures to The Beachcomber’s in Huntington Beach, he fell in love with the drinks and the culture of tiki. He has created his own menu plus some classics as well. Check out what else Mark thought about Jason and his drinks!!

On Mailbag: we cover the methods on muddling and some tips and tricks on how to muddle your fruit or herbs.

Well...enjoy these drinks and here are some links to everything we covered today in this episode:

Recipes: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/ Marks adventure page: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/marks-tiki-page/ Video on how to muddle: hYouTube video for muddling techniques

Video on how to do rimming technique: YouTube video on rimming techniques

More information on the Diller Room Bar in Seattle: https://dillerroom.com/

Link to Cool Links for the "Minimalist Tiki" book Mark mentioned in his segment with the Black Orchid recipe: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/cool-links/

Paola's home video on how to make a Caipirinha Cocktail:

Part 1 of 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RpZDq7VReI

Part 2 of 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXuy5YbzD3s

NOTE: We will be taking a two week break til the next show for summer time break...yes, we all need some cocktail down time and so do you!! Enjoy those drinks and sign up for our newsletter to get the most up-to-date information on the show and cool stuff!!! Plus we have a contest were your pain in the past can be your gain today!!! Check it out!!

Episode 56: Cosmopolitan Cocktail and “Sex in the City”

Hi folks,

We are back from our summer break and glad to be back. On this episode, we figured we would cover a nice refreshing summertime drink.

The Cosmopolitan cocktail was created back in the 80's by a woman bartender named Cheryl Cook in NY. She was approached by Absolut to create a new cocktail using their new product of Absolut Citron vodka. She went off and created this drink which became an instant hit to the point that others claimed they made this drink years prior but never published it.

A cocktail legend and man responsible for bring cocktails back to the forefront and part of our culture is Dale Degroff. He supported Cheryl's claim to the drink and refreshed the recipe with real ingredients like simple syrup and lime juice plus cranberry juice not out of a soda gun. The Grammy's in 1988 came to NY and Dale became the head bartender for the after party celebration. He was in charge of Madonna and her entourage. They insisted the only drink to be served and photographed with was the Cosmo. This hit the papers and over night Dale's phone was ring off the hook from around the world asking what is this drink. Absolut got wind of this fame and asked Dale to be an ambassador for them and represent them in UK for the Cosmopolitan. After he completed that and returned to USA, Ocean Spray soon followed with the same offer and Dale again was on the road around the world.

For the recipe: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/

On "Did you Know?" segment, we talk about some cool facts about the show "Sex in the City" that also made the drink popular. Kim Cattrall was hired to do the Samantha role but was older than the other ladies...she did what she had to to keep up...great job!! Why was season 5 only 8 episodes? Listen to find out why. Sarah Jessica Parker got a whole wardrobe and shoes out of the deal.

On "Mailbag" segment, we talk about is it important to chill your glassware for cocktails...listen to find out!!!

Links: Dale Degroff's Book (on our cool link page):http://tikicentralcanada.ca/cool-links/

Flaming Orange Peel Garnish video: Flaming Orange Peel Garnish video

Stay tuned for our next show: Talk like a Pirate and a live interview with Rob Brunner (Canadian Lieutenant Commander) who will give us some pirate lingo and cool facts that you got to tune in for...

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Episode 57:Rum Runner Cocktial and “Talk Like a Pirate” Day with special guest Rob Brunner

Hey guys,

This is a special episode that has been on my desk for months to do and finally is here. With September 19th coming soon, we talk about "Talk Like A Pirate" day. We thought who better to be our expert than an expert pirate of the seas right now. We had to do this show via internet and yes, it is longer than our normal shows but trust me...well worth it!!!!

Rob Brunner is a Canadian Lieutenant Commander of the Navy. He is also an expert on pirates as he writes a column in a pirate magazine called the Ècho des Mers out of Quebec, Canada. He also is part of the 1000 island pirates society that does re-enactments of the times. He always wanted to be a pirate but joined the navy instead.

The drink we will be talking about today is called the Rum Runner cocktail which was based out of Florida at a bar called Holiday Isle Tiki Bar or today known as the Postcard Inn (speakeasy bar). The gentleman who created this cocktail is named John Ebert or “Tiki John” as he wanted to be referred to. This drink has two types of rum, Chambord, Banana Liqueur, some juices and can be blended or built in the glass. Check out our recipes on our recipe page: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/

The story goes that after prohibition in USA that there was an issue with rum being a surplus in bars (yeah, no way)!! It seemed that if you wanted a bottle of whiskey as an example you had to buy a case of rum as well. This became an issue for this bar and Johnny got to it and created the drink.

He named it rum runner after the famous chaps that would transport rum from the Caribbean islands to the American coastline during prohibition. They were called rum runners and the most famous one and who started it all was William "Real" McCoy. No, I didn't make that up. He started with a shipyard and a motor boat service. During Prohibition, he quickly found that bringing rum from the Caribbean islands to USA was profitable. In fact, he first journey made him a cool $15,000 (today equals $200,000). He soon would have a fleet of ships and realized as well the international waters coastline was the way to avoid the authorities. Curious about the fella, we listen in to our story of him..arrrr!!!

For "Did you know?" segment: Rob runs us through some cool past and present terms of the navy and even pirates, you see!! This whole episode is covered in cool facts of the sea and the times of piracy.

Some cool links for ya!! Rob's Learning the ropes of knots video (must see!!): Rob's Rope of Knots video

The pirate magazine homepage: L'ÉCHO DES MERS magazine link

Rob's previous navy page on our website: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/navy-terminology/

Previous "Talk Like A Pirate" day episodes on our Episode page: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/episodes/

YouTube video on William "Real" McCoy: William "Real" McCoy You Tube video

SHOW CORRECTION: I feel bad...ops...Rum runners was not in the started in 40's and 50's but 30's...there you go I feel better now!!!

Episode 58: Rum Barrel Cocktail and The Shameful Tiki Room

Hi Guys,

I hope everyone is being safe out there. We are so glad that we bring you some sunshine to your day and an oasis for all of us. The drink on this show is the Rum Barrel (or known as Barrel O' Rum) cocktail.

This drink started back in the 50's with Don the Beachcomber. But like every other tiki drink, it has others claiming its creation. First one, in Port O` Call in Tucson Arizona in 1960's, invented by Dean Short who owned several Polynesian restaurants. Second, it was designed at the Mai Kai, Ft. Lauderdale FL. The Mai Kai hired a mysterious bartender by the name of Mariano Licudine in 1956. He also used to work for Don. I am swaying towards Don on this one myself but you be the judge. Every tiki bar in North America (probably the world) has their own version of this drink.

Some tiki bars like Smuggler's Cove will keep the recipe a secret even to their own bartenders as Don used to do in the days. We go through two recipes for you today: Don's and Steve Crane's. Who is Steve Crane? You have to listen to get the answer to that one. Both recipes are very extensive and have a lot of ingredients so this is not a simple throw together drink on a sunny afternoon. You will have to collect some ingredients up for this one and possibly make some from scratch. We have you covered either way with recipes and get that blender out as we blend this one.

It will take crushed ice for the recipe and so get out some of that weekly aggression out as you bang away at some ice. I personally do mine in the garage away from the girls as they talk about what is new in gossip but that is another story. For the recipes refer to our recipe page: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/

On "Mark's adventures" segment: we cover a tiki bar close to home for us and the rest of Canada. The Shameful Tiki Room has served both Vancouver and Toronto for the past decade and is top on our list of places to go during the travel ban. This speakeasy tiki bar is hard to find so get that GPS working on your phone as you will need it. Mark goes over some of the cool cocktails and food with us. He also explains just how has this place dealt with COVID and make money in these troubled times. For more details to Mark's adventures, visit his website: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/marks-tiki-page/

On" Did you know?" segment: we cover some cool facts about the movie "Cocktail" with Tom Cruise....and yes, I have seen it and "no" I don't do flair!! Some cool facts you didn't know about the casting and how it was suppose to be written as Tom was suppose to be an old man...yeah well you know what I mean!!!

We do a reading on "Cautionary Tales" of our winner's letter to us from Jo-Anne that gets the place blazing! Well bring your fire extinguisher for this one LOL. You too can be a winner of your story that lead you into some deep waters in the past and today will get you cash!!! Go to our subscribe page and on our weekly newsletter, we have our "Cautionary Tale" contest where the winner of the month will get their letter read on the show, posted in our next newsletter and $25 Visa Gift Card!!!

Links of the show: YouTube video on Rum Barrel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbcHfehrJBk

The Shameful Tiki Room: https://shamefultikiroom.com/

Subscribe to our show or our newsletter (contest): http://tikicentralcanada.ca/subscribe/

Books we used to research the recipes including Smuggler's Cover: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/cool-links/

Stay tuned for our next episode where we talk about the Mint Julep classic cocktail and the Kentucky Derby!!!

Episode 59: Mint Julep Cocktail and the Kentucky Derby

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is staying safe and doing okay with the second wave of COVID on its way. What better time to do a tiki show then now when we all need that getaway from it all? This show's cocktail is the mint julep cocktail. This cocktail goes all the way back to the 1800's. The julep term means "medicine" and this drink was made to prevent illness and bring health back to par. The American mint julep used to contain camphor which was a medicinal ingredient that today is used for Vick's Vapor rub and even turpentine. Yeah I know...crazy!!!

The origin of the drink or who created it is vague but became the traditional drink of the Kentucky Derby in 1938. So, it's been around!! This unique drink is very simple in the recipe as it only contains: bourbon, simple syrup, mint and crushed ice. There are some specific traditions to this drink and how to drink it though. First, it is made with no fingerprints on the silver cup it is made in (fingerprints won't freeze and therefore will show up on the cup for the customer). Second, it is served with a napkin at the race to avoid you touching the cup but isn't that fancy.

We discuss the differences of whiskeys: bourbon, rye, Irish, Tennessee, and Scotch. These are put into specific types of barrels...listen to find out more!!! The heavens gets its share of the barrel as well in what is called "angel's share"....again listen to find out what that means!!

On "Did you Know?" segment: we discuss some cool facts about the Derby such as there are over 120,000 mint juleps made and drank on the race day. Also, its the longest sport event in USA history which is the called the “the most exciting two minutes in sports” uninterrupted. There is also a $1000 mint julep cocktail sold on this day (wait a minute, did I say $1000...yes I did). This special cocktail is to raise money for the "Old Friends" Charity which helps old horses that can no longer race or breed. Why is it that much? Listen to find out!!!

On "Mailbag" segment: we are asked where do you get those specialty mugs/glassware for the cocktails. Mark and I give you the breakdown to where to find them and get great deals on them as well.

Here is where you can get the recipes to the show: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/

Here is the video on how to make a Mint Julep cocktail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_J0MgIWIjM

Here is a video to break down the differences of whiskeys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USUqZGOAgmk

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Episode 60: Apple Cider Cocktails and Thanksgiving!!

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the delay on the show! With the COVID situation in the bar industry, it prevented me from getting out in time!!

So this show is focused on the apple cider cocktails for the season. We are getting into colder weather and what better way to warm up on those cold nights then a hot rum beverage. We will be covering two cocktails for you as we have two different Thanksgiving Days on our calendar (Canada-October 12th and USA-November 26th).

The first cocktail that we will discuss is the apple cider old-fashioned. The second, cocktail will be the apple cider mule. For both of these cocktails, you will need apple cider which I recommend getting from our local farmer's market. You will find the end product a better drink and less full of preservatives and other items they throw into commercial juices. You will also find on these drinks that the garnish plays a key role on the outcome of the drink with a cinnamon stick and slice of apple.

To get the recipes for them both: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/

We also discuss the difference between regular apple cider and hard cider. How did it start and how to make it??

Did you know there are two different types of pumpkins...Mark clues us in on which one you will need for that tasty pumpkin pie for dinner!!!

By the way, every wonder where the phrase: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" came from? Listen to find out!!!

On "Mark's adventures" segment: We talk about a cool tiki bar in Palm Springs called Tonga Hut. This cool bar has two locations and even dessert and winter hours (yes, I didn't believe it either)!! We get to find out more about a cool tiki artist named Shag! We also discuss the famous secret room of tiki.

On "Did you know?" segment: We will discuss cool facts about Thanksgiving like when do you celebrate it on and how did that date come to be? Was all those amazing desserts made by the Pilgrims back then to bring to the feast? Listen to find out!!!

Oh, did I mention we also talk about Martha Stewart Cider Bourbon Cocktail? Here is the link to this recipe and video: https://www.marthastewart.com/863805/cider-bourbon-cocktail

Here is the page and video to the Apple Cider Old-Fashioned cocktail (they use whiskey but we use rum): Apple Cider Old Fashioned Cocktail

Mark Adventure page link: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/marks-tiki-page/

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Episode 61: La Paloma Cocktail and “Day of the Dead” 

Hey folks,

It's that time of year when all the goblins and ghosts come out to play. I hope you are all staying safe and enjoy this fall season. On today's show, we will be talking about the La Paloma Cocktail.

This cocktail is normally made with Tequila (oh, Mark mentions don't eat the worm...yuck)!!! You can also make it with Mezcal which is not tequila technically. We will get into the details about that on the show. Also, we suggest trying Casamigos tequila that is George Clooney's brand. It's very smooth!!!

This is not a tiki drink per say and we go into what exactly makes a tiki drink??? Just like a tiki cocktail, it has a lot of people claiming they created this refreshing cocktail. We break down two of them thanks to the assistance of Paola. You know me and Spanish…yeah exactly!!! Oh by the way, did you know how to make the proper Cuba Libre cocktail...listen to make sure!!!

We also go through some cool facts about the celebration of the "Day of the Dead". Did you know people will sleep at their loved ones' graves to pay their respects to them? By the way, please check out last year's show on Day of the Dead as we went through other facts about this event.

On "Did you Know?" segment: we go through the other holiday celebrated around this time which is Halloween or All Hallow's Eve. I know this year with COVID it will put a dampener on this fun evening but have some fun with it and make yourself a few cocktails.

For the recipes to this show: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/

YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alK5hu1moVk

Last year's DOD show can be found in our episode page: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/episodes/

Episode 62: Pearl Diver Cocktail (Don the Beachcomber) 

Hey guys,

As you have noticed we have changed our schedule for the show. It will be posted on Monday's for now due COVID changing my work schedule. WE always make sure to get the show out to you as fast as possible.

This show, we will be talking about the Don the Beachcomber's Pearl Diver cocktail. This cocktail was created by him when he opened his first location in California in 1930s. By the way, the address to that location is 1722 N. McCadden Place. It is now a dog park according to street view of Google. This location open December 5th, 1933 (anniversary coming up).

We are going to give you two recipes today from Don and.....Don!!! Yes, that is not a typo!! He created the Pearl Diver Punch in 1937 for his Don the Beachcomber's location. He created the Pearl Diver Cocktail in 1948 in Hawaii at the Polynesian Village bar or today known as Waikiki Village. Why two different brands? Listen to find out why!!

This great cocktail has a Don's secret ingredient called Gardenia Mix. Thanks to Jeff "Beachbum" Berry we have the recipe now. Through his research, he found this unique ingredients recipe and I have to say its my first time using "butter" in a drink. Yes, Butter!! It has all kinds of elements such as honey, vanilla, cinnamon and pimento Dram.

To get the recipe to the drink and this Gardenia Mix go to our recipe page: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/

YouTube video for the recipe: Pearl Diver Cocktail YouTube video

On "Did you Know?" segment: we will discuss more detail about Steve Crane (owner of the Luau tiki chain) and some details you may not have known before. Trust me is a juicy soap opera story you got hear!!!

To subscribe to our show or our newsletter go to our link: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/subscribe/

Also, we want to pay tribute to the late Sean Connery through this YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPBuJtJGRo8

Also a comical look at Mike Myer's tribute to Sean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQYp8xJ4kpo

Episode 63: Rum Tasting Show 2020

Hi Guys, NOTE: This is not our regular show format as we don't feature a drink or its history at all.

We been asked by many listeners, what rums I should have on my bar to make these tiki drinks? Do I need all these rums to make drinks? This is a tasting show that Cam, Mark and I did where we describe some basic rums from different parts of the world to give you an idea of what you need for our drinks.

We will cover the following rums: Saint James: RHUM AGRICOLE (Martinique rum), Bumbu Craft Rum (Barbados), Plantation Grande Reserve (Barbados rum), Diplomatico rum (Venezuelan rum), The Real McCoy 12-year-old rum (Barbados), Captain Morgan Private Stock (Puerto Rico), Havana Club 7-year-old rum (Cuba), Kraken black spiced rum (blend), Mount Gay (Barbados), and Cruzan Citrus Rum (St. Croix USA Virgin Islands). We will go over the locations of these rums; the distillation of the rums (pot/column) with video attached on what these means (on the website page); history of the rums; tastes; and smells plus drinks that you can use for them for. The page for the show is: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/rum-tasting/

...and yeah, check out last year's show on that same page with 10 more rums to add to your collection!!! Enjoy as we sure did...LOL! We also will suggest some rums to use as starting out compared to more complex ones.

Distillation YouTube video page: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRx1bfpdz6E&t=404s

To subscribe to our show or newsletter, click on the following link: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/subscribe/

For recipes to try these rums out on, check out our recipe page: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/

Stay tuned for our Christmas special episode that includes a new version of the classic Mai Tai cocktail and some history to a classic Christmas song. Bonus Christmas skit we always love doing every year!!!

Episode 64: Mele Kalikimaka Mai Tai Cocktail and Christmas show!

Hey guys,

We normally publish on Monday's but we thought we can't have you go through Christmas and the holidays without us...so here we are!!! We will be covering a classic cocktail that has a new age spin on it. Mele Kalikimaka Mai Tai cocktail!!

We took Don's...no wait Trader Vic's...well one of their recipes and added a new twist. Should I say Candy cane twist!! Tis the season!!

We'll give you a great complex tiki cocktails with three different types of rum. Now, this is the time to break open that liquor cabinet as you can use any of your favorites for this one. We will shake and build this drink and it makes 2 drinks with this recipe (or in Mark's case, just one)!! Yes, tis the season for giving and sharing!! And we didn't stop there, we added everything but the kitchen sink for garnish but most important of them all is the candy cane!!

By the way, do you know what " Mele Kalikimaka!" means? Ask someone from Hawaii, they will tell you. How did Hawaii celebrate Christmas and was there something before it??

You must know the song as well? We discuss just how the song started and no it wasn't Bing Crosby but a good friend of his...listen to find out!

In "Mailbag" segment: we are asked what to do for toasting this season? Listen to find out some crazy rules that apply...I hope so as your sex life might depend on it!!! Here are some cool links to the show:

Recipe for Mele Kalikimaka Mai Tai: https://www.hawaiimagazine.com/content/how-make-mele-kalikimaka-mai-tai-and-more

Bob and Doug McKenzie 12 days of Christmas: YouTube video of Bob and Doug McKenzie's 12 days of Christmas

Craig's favorite Xmas song: Snoopy's Christmas song: YouTube Video for Snoopy's Christmas

Bing Crosby's Mele Kalikimaka song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ob4LT_gUSFQ

Floating technique for the drink: YouTube video to floating technique

Cocktail Emporium website: https://www.cocktailemporium.com/

OHHHH....listen to the end for our Christmas greetings to all our fans!!!!

Happy Holidays everyone!!! Stay Safe!!

Episode 65: Last Rites Cocktail and the Mai Kai Restaurant

Hey guys,

Welcome to our 4th season and we are very excited to be back. This episode is recorded via internet since we have gone into another lockdown but still want to entertain you with cool facts, stories and of course cocktails.

On this episode we talk about the Last Rites cocktail which was created by Mariano Licudine at the Mai Kai. Now, we have to go back to Don's the Beachcomber's location where Mariano worked for him for over 15 years. These recipes are secretive and so we are not sure if he started making this back in Don's days or the Mai Kai's. To check out the recipe on our "Recipe" page : http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/

We go into detail about his life and how he started such as being a private chauffeur and bartender for Laurel and Hardy.

This recipe is very basic in some ways compared to most tiki cocktails that we have discussed on this show but don't be fooled by that as its an amazing drink with lots of Martinique rum, passion fruit syrup, lime juice and Falernum.

On "Mark's adventures" segment, we get more in-depth to the Mai Kai and its history. It is one of the oldest tiki bars on the planet and largest ones as well. It houses a 30,000 sq. foot garden and also a waterfall. It entertains its guests daily with a  authentic Mai-Kai Islanders show which shows off dancing, music and even a fire show.

On "Did You Know?" segment, we cover more information about Mariano such as he was one of 14 kids in his family and served the Mai Kai for 30 years.

Here are some cool links to check out:

The Last Rites cocktail YouTube video: Last Rites Cocktail YouTube video

Mai Kai fire show YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bC7R9uwFGdY

Mai Kai Islanders show in full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-U8UUXC-ts

Cool links for Jeff "Beachbum" Berry's book Sippin' Safari: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/cool-links/

Episode 66: Myrtle Bank Cocktail

Hey guys,

Welcome and we are so glad to give you another tiki adventure for this winter season. This episode is recorded via internet since we have gone into another lockdown but still want to entertain you with cool facts, stories and of course cocktails.

On this episode we talk about the Myrtle Bank Cocktail which is a created at Myrtle Bank Hotel in Jamaica. This location is near the old Port Royal area of the island which is where Captain Morgan was staying. He was made governor of the island and later died as well at age of 53 years old. Only after a few months of his death, there was a huge earth quake and Port Royal broke off and went into the sea never to seen again. Jamaica is looking into building underwater tunnels to have tourist check out the lost city and Captain Morgan's final resting place.

This recipe was inspired by Don and Trader Vic's visit to the hotel and both went back to their bars and reversed engineered their own cocktail which ended up on the menus in the 40s. We do have both Trader's and Don's recipes for you and they can be found on our Recipe page link: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/

The hotel itself went through several natural disasters in its history such as 2 earthquakes and 2 fires (one being the most spectacular blaze in Jamaican history).

We cover why using crushed ice on a cocktail is more efficient on a booze forward then a regular cocktail.

On "Did you Know?" segment: we cover a Myrtle Bank rum which has been around for long time and is unique in many ways. It is created with only 600 bottles per batch per year to be distributed. It also is 120 proof in the bottle compared to regular rum at 80 proof. It also gets aged in UK and not on the island.

Here are some cool links to check out:

Information on the Myrtle Bank Rum: https://www.bittersandbottles.com/products/myrtle-bank-10-year-120-proof-jamaica-rum

Cocktail YouTube video on how to make the Myrtle Bank Cocktail: Myrtle Bank Cocktail YouTube Video
Cool links for Jeff "Beachbum" Berry's book Sippin' Safari: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/cool-links/

Episode 67: Hawaiian Eye Cocktail and Harry Yee

Hey guys,

We are back with a new episode from you guys via internet due to lockdown. We will be discussing the Hawaiian Eye Cocktail on this show. This is adrink not created by Don the Beachcomber or Trader Vic but instead by Harry Yee. He is still alive (yes, he is) at the age of 101 years old this year...WOW!!! This man is famous for creating in Hawaii some famous tiki cokctails such as Blue Hawaii cocktail which is one of Poala's favorite drink.  This drink was created for the TV show "Hawaiian Eye" back in the late 50s at the Hawaiian Village Hotel.

This hotel was home to the tv crew and other tv shows such as Hawaii-50 and Elvis Presley's "Blue Hawaii".

This cocktail has three different rums in it: white rum, Jamacian dark rum, and Bermuda rum. This drink also has grapefruit juice and a erotic guava juice. This juice more than likely will be commercial when you go look for it. What is guava fruit? Listen to find out!!!

To get the recipe for this drink and all of our drinks click the following link:


We got the recipe from Jeff "Beachbum" Berry's Sippin Safari book.

Harry Yee was a bartender who was the first to use an orchid or an umbrella...find out why he used an orchid for garnish. It's not what you think!!

We also give a good tip on ice!!!!

On "Did You Know?" segment: we discuss more in-depth the "Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort". I would like yo see that on a business card. Several towers of the resort was built in stages and we talk about that!!

On "Mailbag" segment: what is our favorite garnish for us?

Links for the show:

Hawaiian Eye YouTube cocktail page: Hawaiian Eye cocktail YouTube page

This is an alternative recipe for the drink:

Alternative recipe

Hawaiian Eye series intro YouTube video:


Episode 68: Banana Daquiri Cocktail and Craig’s Creation with Mark’s Adventures

Hey guys,

Sorry for the delay of the show as we tried a new platform to record and end up with missing files and so we had to re-record this show. Opps!!!

So on this show we will be covering a Banana Daquiri. No, it's not just a Daquiri with a banana. Come on this is tiki….we are making a tiki cocktail created by our good friend of Harry Yee (yes, he is still alive, not one of the dead guys as Paola claims).
So as other tiki drinks in the past, we discover that many people or places that have claimed to have created this drink. We are sticking with Harry Yee for now!!
This drink will use rum but also a great liqueur I like to use called Galliano Vanilla Liqueur.

Oh did I mention on this show there will be a new segment with a surprise for all of you. "Craig's Creation is born and I am giving up for the first time my secret tiki recipes that never have be seen by human eyes...well mine and Norma's!!!
I am giving you two recipes a segment so you can add to that recipe book of yours and entertain your guests with some refreshing tiki drinks.
To get our usual recipe page go to: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/
and Craig's Creation: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/craigs-creation/

On " Mark's Adventures", we talk about the tiki bar called "The Alibi" which is located in Portland Oregon. Yes, there!!! It is one of the oldest tiki bars as its been around since 1947. If you don't mind a little Karokee and some amazing tiki drinks, you fit right in!!
To check out Mark's page : http://tikicentralcanada.ca/marks-tiki-page/

On" Did you know?" segment: we talk about the banana (Yes, Paola is making a pucker face right now)!! Some cools facts like the banana is a berry! Or that it grows on a plant and not a tree!! Listen to hear more cool facts!

Links for the show:
YouTube video to make the banana daquiri: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EYCGiNxEbE
YouTube video on how to make ginger syrup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gy7Co1paZSk
YouTube video on some cool banana facts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzWIQnDCxEo
Subscribe to our show through any platform you like: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/subscribe/


Episode 70: Sidecar Cocktail and Prohibition Show

Hey guys,

Well we are doing a show on Prohibition as we usually do every year. This show is usually in January but with Covid and us coming out of lockdown, we thought it's like Prohibition for us. Even breaking the law (Judas Priest for you metal fans out there)!

This episode we talk about the Sidecar cocktail was created actually in France by Harry McElhone at the Ritz Hotel back in 1922. The sidecar was the way the American Captain's would get to the bar for the early drinks. Harry McElhone was a Scottish born who then immigrated to USA and then when Prohibition started he headed to France. With this move to Europe, it gave him the opportunity to work with new spirits and ingredients that he would have not be available to him in USA.

This cocktail contains Cognac (French brandy …distilled wine) and Cointreau (French orange liqueur).
To get this recipe go to: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/

On "Mark's Adventures" segment: we talk about the Kowloon which is close to Boston. Yeah Boston!!! It is a Chinese restaurant that was converted into what they classify as a tiki bar with a 1200 seat capacity (That's right). It also has 300 menu items including the famous PuPu platter (not poo poo...and yes don't google that as Paola did).

On "Did you know?" segment: We go more in-depth on Prohibition details. How did it start? Who organized these groups to get the ball rolling: wives, factory owners, politicians, and even the KKK. World War I was even part of the reason for Prohibition due to the anti-German movement.

Mark's Adventure page: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/marks-tiki-page/
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Episode 71: Hawaiian Drinks and National Luau Month (cocktails from Lynn Calvo)

Hey guys,

We are still in lockdown so this show is recorded via internet but you know us...we never stop for anything! We want to bring the show to you when you are sitting at home wondering what to do this summer!

This show is all about Hawaiian cocktails and the Luau. It's international Luau month this month!! We also very excited to introduce some cocktails from a new pioneer in the tiki world. Lynn Calvo has been working hard in New York district to open her bar called Lynn's Hula Hut. She has written a book called "Tiki with a Twist" which is not in my library but it soon will be (back ordered...boo). She has travelled the world and brought her own version of oasis to her state. She has written a book, opened a bar and even started branding her own infused spirits...more on her later!!

The two cocktails we are doing today are complete different ends of tiki. The first one is the "Lono Tiki Cocktail" which has a great combination of rums, mango, coconut and even banana (not Paola's favorite LOL).
The next one is the "Brazilian Breeze Tiki Cocktail". This one is shaken cocktail and also some muddling of cucumbers as well. Her recipe has a fermented infusion of Tequila and pineapple. We will add links at the bottom for you on how to do this.
We do talk about the "pros" and "cons" of both syrups verses fermented infusions. You decide which way to go.

The new segment "The Brazilian" features our co-host Paola and her expertise on Brazilian culture and ways of the world. We get into driving techniques...can be dangerous! Also, what is the Brazilian wax verses a bikini wax...listen to find out!!!!

On "Did you know?" segment, we talk about the Luau and some cool history facts about it. Women and Men ate separately and dancing at one point was banned! What? no!!

Ok, here are tons of links to everything in this episode:
Recipe page for cocktails: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/
Floating technique: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ufj528irxvc (this is also a cool New York sour in this video, what a bonus cocktail)
Muddling technique:
Fermented infusion technique:
Pineapple simple syrup:

Lynn Calvo's links:
Lynn Calvo article: https://northforker.com/2020/07/sail-away-to-the-tropics-with-spirits-from-montauk-tiki-bar-lynns-hula-hut/

Lynn Calvo’s Forbes article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/ranagood/2020/02/26/lynns-hula-hut-tiki-vibes-montauk/?sh=40737b0c2c19

Lynn’s Hula Hut: https://www.lynnshulahut.net/

Hula Hut Spirits: https://www.hulahutspirits.com/liquor

Lynn’s YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRgX9ohFgSQ

Lynn’s book Tiki with a Twist: Amazon Tiki with a Twist book

BONUS VIDEO: Gabriel Iglesias Luau YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjXChWKKQUw

Luau history YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C79A8bsaWCs

Episode 72: Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Hey guys,

It's that time of year that we do our Cinco De Mayo show and some great tequila drinks.

Today, we will be doing 2 tiki cocktails for you (well, one maybe considered not a tiki cocktail but it brings the sunshine into your glass).
Tiki Rita Cocktail (I got from a Patron website) brings in tequila but some tiki ingredients we all know. The combination of lime juice, grapefruit juice, vanilla and all spice dram (pimento dram). The other cocktail is a traditional drink from the 80's, Tequila sunrise cocktail. We do explain a proper method to make this simple drink.

On "Craig's Creation" segment: we are making a drink with tequila that apparently I can't pronounce but we have Paola for that. I make the drinks and Norma names them so it's not my fault. Blancafuoco cocktail is a combination of tequila, vanilla, maraschino liqueur, lime juice and club soda (not pop). It's a great combination of Italian and Mexican products that makes a nice summer refreshing cocktail.
On "Did you Know?" segment today, we talk about the beginning of this celebration and why do we celebrate it for? Mexico and several wars lead to this battle that took only 5 hours to finish (yeah basically a long Star Wars movie...oh happy May 4th for you guys too). The European countries wanted pay back on the loans Mexico had but it was France who invaded Mexico and later on took over Mexico city. Was I suppose to put the spoiler in there? LOL

Links to the show:
Craig's Creation: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/craigs-creation/

Tiki Rita (Patron page) : https://www.patrontequila.com/global-en/cocktails/patron-reposado/tiki-rita.html

Tequila sunrise recipe video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmBkd_Zxv8k

All Spice Dram recipe:

Vanilla bean syrup YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNzJWNdWe2A
Vanilla bean syrup Monin bottle: https://www.monin.com/ca/vanilla-syrup.html

Cinco de mayo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIICWQyK72Y

BONUS VIDEO: Petco Unleashed Chihuahua Race Finals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0cU9eTO5Vg

Episode 73: Tiki Jukebox part 1

Hey guys,

Sorry for the delay as with COVID our post production team shut down and so this put a delay on this episode. We will be giving you guys our top 10 playlist for this year for your tiki parties or just to sit back in your backyard and enjoy a cocktail while listening to it.
Paola, this year has contributed as well to our list and with baby in mind she brought some soothing melodies to it.
I, on the other hand, brought the party, the fast paced and Caribbean sounds to the list. Mark went his usual tiki exotica ways and its a great list to listen to when you are home and just want to unwind.

We have added Spotify playlist on our tiki page which is the following link: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/tiki-jukebox/

So sit back and get ready to listen to some great music and invite your friends over as well. What is a party with friends and great cocktails?

Episode 74: Tiki Jukebox, part 2

Hey guys,

So here is part two of the tiki jukebox show for this year. We only did 10 songs like last year as there was so many we could have gone on for hours.
Craig's playlist is the calypso music and let's get the party started near the pool!! (Paola calls it Cancun party music....
Mark's playlist is the traditional tiki exotica music we come to hear when you hit those tiki bars and escape from reality...ahh the bars!!!
So if you are having people over (yes, we finally get to do that now) then check out our tiki jukebox page and we have all the links to our Spotify playlists for you (even Paola contributed this year).

So my playlist has some of the following artist: Daddy Yankee, Ricky Martin, Camila Cabello and many others.
Mark's playlist has some of the following artist: Gold Dust Lounge, The Flaps, The Hula Girls and many others.

So here are the links to the playlist website:

So get your cold tiki beverage ready and enjoy some amazing music!!

To subscribe to our show or get our newsletter: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/subscribe/
And for our recipes: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/


Episode 75: The Bitter Show and Mark’s Adventures: Tiki Rock

Hey folks,

Sorry for the delay on the show as the show’s file got corrupted and the whole editing process had to be started all over again!!! Computers …right!!!

This show is all about bitters! Now, you are asking yourself or me in this case…what is bitters and how does it affect a drink’s taste? Well, we will dive into the answer which really goes back to the old times of pre-historic medicine. Yeah, bitters were a medical ingredient that you would add to your food or drink and resolve medical issues such as upset stomach or arthritis. Why don’t we use it now for medical treatment…well it was mostly the reason you see in old western where the man in the wagon has this magical liqueur to fix it all and through time, we found other ways to resolve these issues. Also, most of the time it did not really work!

So, we are doing two cocktails for you today using bitters: East India Cocktail and Triggerfish Cocktail (yes, that is the state fish of Hawaii). It goes by another name, but you know me I cannot pronounce it. If you really want the name, here it is: HUMUHUMUNUKUNUKUAPUA'A!!!

On “Craig’s Creation” segment: we will do you guessed it, another bitter cocktail of my own called the Fred Collins Fizz. There were cocktails made back in the 30s called Fizz which would have soda or pop of some kind in it. You might have heard of a Gin Fizz (same concept).

On “Mark’s Adventures” segment: We talk about a tiki bar (well tropical one) in Boston!! That is right…get your chowder here!! This newly recent bar Tiki Rock (2018) is in an historical building in downtown Boston and features some of the classic cocktails plus their own spin on drinks. Mark walks us through some of the cool features of this bar and of course the drinks as well. The even have one called ScrumdiddlyRumptious!!! How cool is that name? I know I need to work on my drink naming skills…Norma!!!

On “The Brazilian” segment: Paola dives into the way they welcome and greet each other in public. No high fives here but some kisses on the check. It has at times when she first came to Canada got herself into some trouble. The other thing we talk about is that Brazilians are cool about you trying to speak Portuguese and no, that not Spanish!!!

Show links: Recipes: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/

Cool Links for the Bitters Book used on the show: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/cool-links/

Mark’s Adventures’ page: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/marks-tiki-page/

How to make the HUMUHUMUNUKUNUKUAPUA'A cocktail YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlugfKyLKmc

Cool video on the Trigger fish YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aj4Qcw5XLbw

How to make the Pineapple syrup at home YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOFPh7KR1Rs&t=103s

Episode 76: Building a Tiki Bar and Mocktails

Hey Folks,

Sorry again for the delay...opening my bar after the lockdown as you can imagine has been more work than I thought. I do apologize for the delay.

So this show is not our usual format as we are talking about build a tiki bar and how to decorate it. It's summertime and we all have been coupe up way too long. So, now we can have friends and family over for some BBQ and of course, cocktails!!! We will give you guidelines (yes that is what they are) on how to build and decorate your own oasis!

Now wait Craig...we want drinks! OK OK..yes, we are Tiki Central and what is a show without drinks. But since you are building a bar and having family over (including the kids), we thought why not do a show about mocktails (cocktails with no alcohol). Paola of course was tickled pink that she can finally talk about drinks with no booze in them. We did throw in a banana to throw her off though. Don't tell her that!!!
So Mocktails today is the BCC (banana, coconut, cream and cinnamon as well) and the Nojitio ( a Mojito with no alcohol).

Mark and I go into some Canadian locations to find things to decorate and stock your bar: Bamboo Toronto, Tiki Escapes, Kitchenalia, Cocktail Emporium, and for people out in BC, Cheeky Tiki. These all have great websites to shop on and curbside plus delivery as well.

We do get into what kind of themes are out there for your bar such as Disney, Exotica (don and trader Vic's like) or Miami beach theme (mine). Please do remember to make it your own and it's your own oasis at home.
Music (jukebox), lighting, and decorations we go over as well.

Enjoy your summer and cocktails please!!!

Links to the show:
Recipes: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/

Previous episode on Build a tiki bar (mark's page): http://tikicentralcanada.ca/marks-tiki-page/ (scroll down to mid page and that is also where we show you my glasswasher technique)
Kitchenalia website: https://kitchenalia.ca/
Cocktail Emporium: https://www.cocktailemporium.com/
Bamboo Toronto: https://bambootoronto.ca/
Tiki Escapes: http://www.tikiescapes.com/index.html
Oceanic Arts: https://www.oceanicarts.net/
Cheeky Tiki: https://www.cheekytikishop.com/

Episode 77: Black Tot/Internation Rum Days/ Sea Shanties

Hi guys,

So this show is close to my heart in many ways! Yes, it's tiki and I'm the tiki guy but also we are going to talk about International Rum Day (August 16th) and Black Tot (July 30th 1970) which just pasted. We will also have drinks of course...what is a show without drinks...hmmm..Cosmos maybe (yeah I like the show too Ok). No, we will also be talking about Sea Shanties which for me brings me back to family home turf of Nova Scotia. Why and what is a Sea Shanty? Well, you have to listen now won't ya!!!

So, drinks for this show is a classic Grog and Bahama Mama! But, Craig, we know these drinks and you have done them before....well with a new twist from our good folks at Pusser's British Navy rum and their website we given them a new look!!!

So what is Black Tot day and what does it mean?? Well, you have to go back to 1655 (yeah that far back when the British Navy took over Jamaica and realized that they had this amazing supply of rum and so it became a staple and essential item on their ships which eventually carried over to pirates and privateers (what are they?...that's our "Talk like a Pirate" show with Rob Brunner our navy expert soon to come)!!! ON That note...way off topic. So Black Tot Day is when the British Navy said no more rum rations to the sailors on the ships daily and it became a rum that you and I could buy. Get this, you buy a bottle and some of the proceeds go to the British Navy retirement fund. Yeah, so drink up!!!

We go more in-depth into this rum , the word "proof" and so much more.

On "Did you know?" segment: we talk about sea shanties and how they started. Sailors started this along time ago (over 100 years ago). Today, we see it on Tik Tok as a popular part of our social media now (even the Trailer Boys have their version). What is Tiki Tok? Well, hmmm I don't know. Get it...anyways we talk about how a sea shanty went from ship to shore and now is famous folk songs in a place called??? Wait for it Legend...dairy...no, Nova Scotia and yes other parts of the world. Famous bands such as Irish Rovers and Rankin Family have song that started as sea shanties!!!

Link to the recipe page: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/

You Tube video for Wellman sea shanty: Wellman Sea Shanty Video

You Tube video for Drunken Sailor Shanty: Drunken Sailor Sea Shanty

Documentary Video on the history of sea shanties: History of Sea Shanty Documentary

You Tube video on drinks and sea shanties: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLlIMN1RTJE

Pusser's Rum Grog and Bahama Mama page: Pusser's Rum Black Tot Cocktail page

Episode 78: Disney’s Trader Sam’s and Cocktails

Hey guys,

Sorry for the delay as COVID is still playing havoc with running a bar but that's another story!!

This episode we will be talking about Disney land and park but more specifically Trader Sam's bars that are featured in those areas. The Enchanted Tiki room gets some coverage as well in this show and so we have all the bases covered for your trip to Disney.

We do two of the Trader Sam's cocktails: The Castaway Crush and the Rosita's Margarita. The Castaway cocktail was a three thumbs up by all of us and a definite addition to any tiki party or for yourself to enjoy on that nice summer night (OK, it's fall soon but you know what I mean)!! In the Castaway cocktail we are using a spirit called Cachaça or as Paola also says it can be called Pinga. You know me and my pronunciation so I went with Pinga. They both feature some layers of tropical spices and sweetness that you just got to try. The other cocktail (Margarita) uses George Clooney's Casamigos Tequila which I highly recommend as your premium if not only tequila. we go indepth into his story on how this spirit started.

How did I get the recipes? Well listen as I'll give you a bartender's trick!!!

On "Mark's adventures" segment: we are talking about Trader Sam's in both parks and a few things about the ones around the world. Did you know it was the first place that Audio-Animatronics was used in the Enchanted Tiki room which we also discuss. Walt was before his time for sure on this. We discuss how the show started and has it changed over the years....fire?? Well, yeah we talk about that too!!! The show has been around for decades and still going strong today!!

On "Did you know?" segment: we talk about the tiki room was the first attraction at the park to have AC....why? Well, listen to find out. Also, the 4 talking Macaws have something in common. HINT: "Est-ce que tu parles français?". Also, who sponsored the attraction then and now?

Links to the show:
Recipes for the show: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/
Mark's adventures page: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/marks-tiki-page/
Enchanted Tiki Room history video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ct0iStBQl0
Walt's project of EPCOT was suppose to be a city video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hqLo4J6mrQ

Episode 79: Talk Like A Pirate Day and Bumbo Cocktail with special guest: Rob and Erica Brunner

Hey guys,

This show is a little different then our usual show as we do our annual "Talk Like a Pirate" day show with our pirate expert and Canadian Navy Lieutenant Commander Rob Brunner and his wife Erica. Both are part of pirate society here in Canada and their crew called the "Cut and Run". Talk Like a Pirate day is September 19th every year internationally.

This show is a bit longer than our usual show but pack full of information and fun facts about pirates!!!

So Ahoy, Matey and Shiver me timbers!
The cocktail we will be discussing today is called Bumbo (which yes is a rum from our rum tasting show we did that comes from Barbados). This cocktail is a spin off of the Royal Navy Grog which was rationed out each day on British navy ship back in the days!!

We give you the history of how "talk Like A Pirate" day started.

Bumbo rum! What is it and where does it come from? Listen to find out about this delicious rum!

We go through an old school recipe (piracy era) and new school recipe of the Bumbo which has rum, water, spices, sugar and tons of flavor!

Pirate legends: In this segment we give your all the juicy details about some famous pirates that we all know and grew up with in movies, books and stories. Black beard, Captain henry Morgan (yes, the guy on the rum bottle which actually didn't have a lot to do with rum til later), and Sir Francis Drake who was the first to circumnavigate the globe!!!

Erica goes into great detail about two female famous pirates that had quit the adventure and maybe fouled people by dressing up as men. They had the reasons and she goes into why they did this. They also have more speculation and tales then facts on some of their journey as the history books couldn't put information together. But, it's a great story and Erica tells it to us!!

Now, most important thing to do on TLAP day if anything you do is get yourself a pirate name. Rob and Erica break down their name and they challenged us to come up with ours as well. Slippy Stephens here will be my name from here on now or so be the black spot be ah cursed upon me!!! We go through just how to do and not use these typical name generators out there. Have fun with it and make your co-workers and family call you that for the day!!

On "Did you know?" segment: We cover all the positions on a pirate ship and navy ship today as well that you would see. Captain, Quarter Master, Pusser, Boatswain, Carpenter (who would also be in charge of amputations...ouch), Sailing Master, Coopers, Cabin Boys and finally Powder Monkeys (not real monkeys ha ha).

Links to the show:
Rob Brunner's magazine article he writes about pirates and navy (in the magazine it's French on left column and English on right column and Rob's pirate name is William Blydes in the articles: https://fliphtml5.com/homepage/gybp?fbclid=IwAR0tallgpfoFbWE1kTrJzKvrPfWrEJjS7iNSCqHWju9XuQmtmjA923pEiWs

Rob and Erica's "Cut and Run" Youtube video on knots and pirate games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4tn1porX-8

Recipes for the show: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/

So remember: dead men tell no tales and enjoy your  clap of thunder!!!!

Episode 80: Tiki Central Canada’s Annual Trivia Show

Hey guys,

Not our normal show as there are no drinks but I did put a Craig's Creation cocktail on our site just in case you was in a mood for a new cocktail.

This is our annual trivia show where we see if our tiki panel (Paola and Mark) and you was listening to our show all year long and made some notes and this year is just as challenging as the past years.

Topics like the Cosmopolitan cocktail, Grog, Mint Julep, Day of the Dead, Don the Beachcomber, Mariano Lucudine, Harry Yee, Cinco de Mayo and so much more...

We will help you this year with a hint of what episode each question came from and the cocktail of that show. So, print off the trivia sheets and see if you have what it takes to be tiki god and year champion of trivia. (NOTE: answers are upside down at the bottom of that page).

By the way, check out past year's tiki trivia shows as well and see if you know the answers to those ones as well...

Triva page link: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/tiki-trivia/

By the way, there is no prize for winning but make yourself a cocktail and play along and see if you can out score our panel!!!

Craig's Creation page: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/craigs-creation/

Episode 81: Casino Royale and James Bond...Shaken Not Stirred!!!

Hey guys,

We are back and yes it has been awhile!! Our apologize!!!

On this episode we are going to be talking about Daniel Craig's last James Bond movie (No Time to Die) with no spoilers (since Mark hasn't seen it yet)!!!

The cocktail we will talk about are the Casino Royale (which is not a James Bond drink be say but a Dale Degroff cocktail) and Vesper (which is from Casino Royale movie which was Daniel Craig's first James Bond movie he did). Both these cocktails are ritzy yes and not tiki (but I do alter one to make it into a tiki cocktail...more about that in the show).

Now, who is Dale Degroff you may ask. Well, besides one of my favorite bartenders of all time and inspiration to me. He is also the bartender back in the 70s that took cocktails out of the club scene era it was in with artificial flavors and ingredients and brought it back to real ingredients and layers and excitement in our profession!!! If you think about it, bartenders lost some creditability during the disco era due to clubs and drugs (yes cocaine).  He is also well known for the cosmopolitan, which strangely he did not create but altered into what we know now of that cocktail.

For the cocktails, we do a recipe with champagne in the Casino Royale but don't panic as I give you alternatives options in the new version of the drink which will be in Craig's Creation section of our website and I finally called it "Full Deck" which means we are not playing with a "full deck" LOL!!!!

In "Did You Know?" section: we discuss cool facts about Daniel Craig as James Bond like his reaction to the phone call from the producers telling him that he will be the next Bond. The fact that a pair of gloves in Skyfall almost cost the production company millions of dollars in reproduction, or that Daniel was a talking Stormtrooper in "The Force Awakens".

Links to the show:
Recipes to the show: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/
Craig's Creation page: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/craigs-creation/

Daniel Craig's as a Stormtrooper in "Force Awakens" scene video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iq7MaKlvE5o
Dale Degroff's book on our cool link: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/cool-links/
How to Drink YouTube video on Vesper cocktail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1rtEeSpswk&t=63s
Being James Bond Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOHhIkMy6dg

Go check out the new James Bond in the theaters...it's a must see!!!!

Episode 82: Day of the Dead and Mark’s Adventures

Hi Guys,

You ever wonder while listening to our show what its would sound like uncut and just how much editing does Craig do?? Well, due to finally recording live at Paola's house and some laptop experiences getting back to the right sound we ended up with a mono channel recording that I basically can't edit and is a  raw file. I also wasn't being a good sound engineer and was clipping here and there on this recording...now, don't panic as its still a great show and tons of fun we had making it...just my OCD tells me not the best sound quality that I put into the show! We also got back our sound engineer for post (lost due to COVID as he shut down his studio in USA) and so he was able to clean it up more!!!

Ok, enough about that..as I say : Let's go onto the show!!!

Today's episode is one of my favorite holidays of the year and yes, it is in the fall season which is my favorite season....
Day of the Dead is a Mexican celebration that does coincide with Halloween but let's make it clear: it is NOT Mexico's Halloween or Independence day either! It's a joyful celebration for the deceased and help them to their journey to the after life. Now, what a minute Craig isn't dead after life...well in their culture the afterlife is actually 9 levels to the end of their journey and so this is one way to have the living spend time with their spirits and help them on their way. They celebrate with music, food, drinks and even sleep at their loved one's graves....

The cocktails we are doing today are two for this occasion (I want to say that as I don't do holiday themed drinks. Never have). First one is called ...you guessed it....Day of the Dead from the The Shameful Tiki Room in Vancouver Canada. We will explain how I got this recipe...quit the story thanks to Mark. The other cocktail is called: The Alebrije  which has its own story. This one I got online and I will add a link below to the video.
So you ask, what is this Alebrije  and what is story behind it. well if you watch CoCo (Disney's movie for the DOD) you will see a fantasy creature in it that is a mix of a dog and cat that looks like a flying jaguar. These creatures are called Alebrije and help guide the deceased spirits to the next level of their journey. Cool right!!

On Mark's adventures segment: We will talk about The Ventiki Tiki Lounge and Lanai in Ventura,  California. It is right beside an amazing taco place which for Mark is a bonus!!!! He got to meet the owner Dwayne Couch and chatted about tiki and which drinks to have next with him and several locals during both visits. Link of this interview (conversation) is listed below.

On "Did you Know?" segment: We talk about some cool facts about Day of the Dead such as it was originally created back in Aztec time as was on the 9 month and not in November. It wasn't til Spain brought the Christian ways into their culture and they merged the two celebrations together with All Souls Day and All Saints Day. The celebration pays tribute to Mictecacihuatl (She is known as the "Lady of the Dead") which watches over the celebration and world of the spirits.  By the way, today’s female figure we see today: la calavera Catrina (by the Mexican printmaker, cartoon illustrator and lithographer José Guadalupe Posada.) is the today’s representation of “lady of the Dead”.
In these ceremonies, people build altars in their homes with ofrendas, offerings to their loved ones’ souls. Candles light photos of the deceased and items left behind. Families read letters and poems (called Calaveritas ) and tell anecdotes and jokes about the dead. Offerings of tamales, chilis, water, tequila and pan de muerto, a specific bread for the occasion, are lined up by bright orange or yellow cempasúchil flowers, marigolds, whose strong scent helps guide the souls  home. Why Marigolds? Well, it is said the scent and color draw the spirit back to their alters/graves where their loved ones waiting help celebrate with them that day.
Yeah, how can you not love this holiday?

Links to the show:
Recipes: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/
Alebrije cocktail YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMIMWbNsgSM
History of the DOD youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ale9DF9fZY8
Pan de Muerto (day fo the dead bread) Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-398T9q-cM
Link to Mark's interview with Dwayne Couch from the The Ventiki Tiki Loung: https://mega.nz/folder/yDYRkAKB#no5USMekhYarpZVbffi8Xw/file/aWZHQSTR
Poems for the DOD: https://www.joincake.com/blog/day-of-the-dead-poems/


Episode 83: Miami Vice and special guest Jason Pierotti

Hi Guys,

So this is a special episode as we get a special guest joining us to talk about cocktails, cruise ships, martinis and even Martini Airbnb. The shows is a bit lengthy but well worth it as we talk about cocktails and bartending..my two favorite things...well ok...maybe a beach as well...ok two out of three of my favorite things!!!

So, this is a different format to our show then our usual one. Yes, we still are going to talk about drinks of course. One of the cocktails that you might order on a cruise ship is a Miami Vice cocktail. Now, this cocktail is new to me and I'm sure I have had it but Jason goes through exactly what it takes to make one of these delicious tropical drinks that you would find on a cruise ship. It is basically a Pina Colada and a Strawberry Daquiri combined. I thought it would easy with those slushy machines you see at the resort but as Jason tells us that it's difficult drink to make with just blenders as you have to make both drinks and then combine them. But trust me, it is worth the effort. We also go through some alterations such as mango instead of strawberry...yummy!!! By the way, ask your bartender first if they even have blenders before asking for a frozen drink. LOL

So we go in-depth with Jason about his beginnings and how he became a bartender, flair and fire breathing, martini expert, to being bar manager of a fleet of cruise ships and now owning his own Airbnb and an online martini shop. He struggled through COVID but now is doing his own thing. He explains the journey and some things about bartending that most people don't know or think about.

On "Did you know?" segment: we talk about the classic 80s show Miami Vice which for us was a show that impacted our lives. It could have been the music, the fashion or even the famous stars that brought this show to life. We all remember on Friday night turning on our TVs and watching the newest episode. We go over cool facts like who got offered the roles of Crockett and Tubbs. What the actors had to go through to play the roles, famous seasons and some famous names that have made appearance on the show.

Links to the show:
Recipes: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/

Jason's Martini website for online shopping (starting soon so get your email registered): https://mymartinihouse.com

Check him out on Facebook where he has some great pictures of the Airbnb theme to cocktails and some instructional videos on martinis: https://www.facebook.com/martinisrus

A must see scene from the first episode of Miami Vice featuring "In the Air Tonight" (for me this is a memory for life: YouTube Video: 1st episode of Miami Vice "In The Air Tonight"

YouTube Video of famous people who appeared on the Miami Vice before their fame: YouTube videoof famous people on Miami Vice

You can also check out the themed rooms Jason has at his Airbnb through the following links:

Thanks again to Jason Pierotti for being on the show and maybe some day we come visit you!!!!
and Jason...does Mark really sound like Donald Sutherland...folks you be the judge!!!

Episode 84: Christmas Show 2021 and shooters!!!!

Hey Guys,

Yes we squeezed in our last show of the year...Christmas!!!
What a year and we want to thank all of loyal listeners who hanged in there with us through this rough year and we wasn't able to do as many shows as we wanted. But next year, right!!!

Surprise for all your loyal listeners from way back...Cameron visits the studio and gives his input on the drinks today since Santa (me wink wink) dropped off a care package to his house. By the way, apparently Cameron likes to be in a onesie enjoying his morning tea outside in the morning LOL!!!

Ok, so this is our Christmas show and we are going to talk about shooters. No not guns and ammo shooters but shots. Now, you maybe be asking, Craig is shooters tiki? well no there are not!! In fact, in my research and Mark's knowledge that most tiki bars don't have shooters on the menu. So why are we doing shooters? Well, this time of year and finally this year we was able to have company Christmas parties or friends get togethers...and one of the first things I get asked as a bartender is shooters!!!

Now, what is a shooter? and is that the same as a shot? Well, no they are different: shot is a straight amount of an spirit or liqueur...a shooter is a mini cocktail in a way and has mixed items into a shot glass. So an example would be a blue Hawaiian can be made into a shooter!!
So we will go over 4 shooters for you to try out that will get the party started!!

Shooters are: Caramilk, Scooby Snack, Apple Pie a la Mode, and a Craig's Creation: La Petite Fleur!!!

On "Did you know?" segment: we talk about cool facts about shooters such as it started in the 60s when the new generation wanted to party it up and wasn't to interested in the drinks but to get drunk and fast!!! We also talk about Jager and Irish car bombs cocktails.

So please enjoy your holidays and be safe...get some rest and have a great time with friends and family!
Happy holidays from us to you and see you in the new year!!!

Recipes: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/
Youtube video for the Scooby Snack shooter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgSjNxMEXT0
YouTube video for the Caramilk shooter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSdmWoACMjQ

Episode 85: Royal Hawaiian Cocktail and the Hotel

Hi guys,

Welcome to 2022 and our season 5 for us now!!! We are so excited about this year as we have dedicated to giving you more shows and more amazing cocktails. We will also be including more interviews from bartenders and tiki experts.

This episode has tons of information and cool facts but an amazing colorful cocktail that you got try. We will be covering the Royal Hawaiian cocktail and details about the hotel as well in Hawaii.

First off, the cocktail is got a Canadian product which is amazing considering this is an international cocktail and so makes me proud to see we are on the international platform on a tiki level. It has a great combination of pineapple juice, orgeat (almond), lime juice and Empress gin (which is a purple colorful floral gin that is not so booze forward). This cocktail definitely tastes tropical and looks colorful as well. Break out your crushed ice bag as you will need it for this cocktail or in Paola's case go to your fridge and grab some crushed ice.
Recipe came from Jeff Beachbum Berry “Remixed book and The Royal Hawaiian Cocktail was originally called the Princess Kaiulani in the early 1920’s but was renamed in the 1950s.

Recipe to this cocktail and many more: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/

So we go over some cool facts about the hotel itself like that it cost $4 million to build in 1927 (which in today's dollars is $15,325,495) . It was also known as the “Pink Palace of the Pacific” which was a Portuguese influence on its architectural design. It also was the location for the famous Webley Edwards’ then-famous radio program Hawaii Calls, featuring the Singing Surfriders and the Waikiki Maidens, and up to 3,000 tourists at a time would pack the courtyard to watch the show. Mark will give us more information on Edwards who was the first report Pearl harbor attack back during WWII which the hotel was home to US navy officers as well.

On "Did you Know?" segment: we talk about Captain James Cook who had 3 voyages around the world. On January 18th, 1778, Captain James Cook arrives in Hawaii. He was an explorer that navigated the Pacific Ocean and mapped out New Zealand. He also mapped out Newfoundland which those maps are still used today by naval ships. His first voyage was to help determine the distance from the Earth to the sun during an eclipse of Venus on the sun. Don't ask me how that is done as its all science. I must have missed that class. Anyways, he went on his second voyage and landed in Australia and third was Hawaii. He has come controversial stories behind his death as the tribes killed him on his second trip to Hawaii.

Links to the show:
Webley Edwards’ Hawaii calls show:
Webley Edwards Hawaii Calls show YouTube

Hawaii calls: exotic instrumentals (1961) Webley Edwards exotica:
YouTube Instrumental exotica

Hawaii calls greatest hits:

YouTube Hawaii Calls greatest hits (audio)

Cocktail links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXaoo-5qGDM and

Royal Hawaiian hotel video walk thru: Royal Hawaiian Hotel Walk Thru video

History of Captain James Cook: YouTube Captai James Cook history

Cocktail recipe page: Royal Hawaiian Cocktail Recipe page

Episode 86: South Pacific Punch and the Movie

Hi Folks,

We are doing a special show on the South Pacific Punch and the movie as well. Why South Pacific? This movie back in the 50s and "Blue Hawaii" with Elvis Presley made a major influence on North America culture and international to tiki culture and Polynesian crazy!!!

We talk about two cocktails for this show: South Pacific Punch and the Castaway!! Both the drinks are from the Jeff Beachbum Berry "Remixed" book. Jeff is also another influence that brought back tiki to us. These cocktails use a wide range of Caribbean islands and also classic ingredient Falernum. I still have to make mine but if you can get it in the liquor store, I recommend it as it's shelf life last longer.

On "Mark's Adventures" segment: we talk about no bar!!???? Yes, we don't talk about a bar but a company that gave all those tiki bars décor we know. Oceania Arts has been around for over 50 years and by the same owners who finally hanging it up for retirement. Robert Van Oosting and LeRoy Schmaltz started carving  Palm Frond masks out of their garage to sell. It grew and have supplied décor to tiki bars we know such as Trader Vic’s, The Mai Kai, Don the Beachcomber, the Coco Palms in Hawaii, and The Tonga Room in San Francisco, but also Foundation Bar in Milwaukee, the Bali Hai remodel in San Diego, Hale Pele in Portland. Disneyland's  Trader Sam’s Bar and the Tangaroa Terrace as well as Walt Disney World. Mark has visited this location and even came back with a blow fish light (jealous!!). Mark's Adventures page link: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/marks-tiki-page/

In "Did You Know?" segment: we go in depth the movie South Pacific. It was released in 1958…and grossed over $36 million as a musical production. The filmed featured a lot of big names at the time but one in particular: Ray Walston (Mr. hand and My Favorite Martian). It also featured Russ Brown, Tom Laughlin, Rossano Brazzi, and Ken Clark. A few details that will blow you away including the singing voice of the Gringe sung by Thurl Ravenscroft who also sings for Ken Clark's character in the movie.

Links to the show:
The recipes: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/
South Pacific songs YouTube video: YouTube South Pacific songs
Example of a Palm Fronds mask video: YouTube video of Palm Fronds mask be made
Ray Walston In Fast Time at Ridgemont High YouTube video: YouTube video of Mr. Hand
Oceanic Arts website: https://www.oceanicarts.net/
YouTube video Oceanic Arts warehouse: Oceanic Arts YouTube Video

Episode 87: Tiki Book Review 2022

Hi guys,

So this episode is different than our usual format as we discover all the information and research we do to make the show and get the details you crave to hear. Paola is away on family matters but Mark and I will take you on adventure of our tiki library we both have some of the books that we dig deep into on a weekly basis for our show. We talk about pioneers of tiki in North America to today's version of the tiki bible.

We do start of with two recipes for you (what would the show be without drinks). The recipes we are covering are in the very books we are talking about today. I will cover the Jeff Beachbum Berry's The Caribbean cocktail and Mark will cover the Riptide cocktail from the "Minimalist Tiki" book written by Matt Pietrek and Carrie Smith. Both are very tiki as they need crushed ice and one of my favorite ingredients: ginger syrup (Yummy)!!!

So here are the books that Mark will cover today:
1) Jeff Beachbum Berry's "Sippin' Safari" book: this book is a great book for those who are starting into tiki or not a bartender by trade but just a curious individual as we once was. It goes quickly into tiki recipes that Jeff has dug up throughout his ten year research and some of the syrups you may need as well. This book is very small as it is only 184 pages with index.
2) Jeff Beachbum Berry's "Remixed" book: this book continues on with recipes and some brief tiki history on the creators of tiki in North America. It is a combination of his "Grog Log" book and "Intoxica" book. He has expanded drink history and lore, incorporating newly discovered information about the origins of the Mai Tai, Zombie, Suffering bastard, and other legendary Tiki mysteries.
3) Jeff Beachbum Berry's "Taboo Table" book: Beachbum Berry uncovers the forgotten secret food recipes from Polynesian restaurants of days gone by. Beachbum Berry's Taboo Table is a cookbook. Taboo Table features famous "lost" and exotic recipes (most ironically created in the USA) for appetizers, entrees and desserts. There is also a fascinating and informative history of tiki cuisine from the first Polynesian settlers to the last remaining Polynesian restaurants.
4) "Smuggler's Cove" by Martin and Rebecca Cate: This more modern version of tiki and recipes is brought to us by Martin who as jeff did his homework on tiki culture, history and cocktails. He especially well known rum expert as his own private collection of rums around the world comes in over 300 bottles. This book is more for the professional bartender who wants to get into tiki or the step from Jeff's books with more elaborate cocktails, syrups, ingredients and recipes. It is a heavier read coming in with 352 pages including index. Every tiki expert or bartender should have a copy of this new tiki bible on their shelf.
5) "Minimalist Tiki" book written by Matt Pietrek and Carrie Smith is also a newer version of tiki bringing the mixology part of the cocktail and new techniques into it. It also features a library of tiki bar's bartenders recipes such as Shameful Tiki Room in Toronto. These secret recipes that we love so much in these oasis bars is now available for you to make at home too.

Craig's List of Books:
1) "Potion of the Caribbean" by Jeff Beachbum Berry; This more elaborate book covers the history of drinks/cocktails and spirits too back to the Aztec days to modern time. It will give you a history of rum, pirates, royal navy, Polynesian, and Caribbean history to get you up to speed on the tiki history and its culture. He goes into more recipes that he has found through so many resources in the past years of Don the Beachcomber to Trader Vic's and so many more...
2) "Trader Vic's Tiki Party!: Cocktails and Food to Share with Friends" written by Stephen Siegelman NOT Trader Vic. This book is a great book for beginners to expert of tiki who want to know how to throw a tiki party or create their own oasis tiki bar at home. It covers some history of Trader Vic and his recipes. This book also goes into decor, food, drinks and everything you would need to know to throw a party.
3) "And a Bottle of Rum" by Wayne Curtis. This is not a bartender book and there recipes in this book but very few. This book is a history lesson into rum from its origin to modern day cocktails. It has exciting adventurous facts about some of our culture's drinks we didn't know had a history like the Daquiri from the Royal Navy to Grog to Mojitos in Cuba created by tribesmen to Cuba Libre (Rum and Coke) to guide to rum. It is a must have for those rum experts out there so you can get your facts straight.
4) "The New Craft of the Cocktail: Everything You Need to Know to Think Like a Master Mixologist" by Dale Degroff: This is not a tiki book but an book written by another man who gave cocktails a resurgence in the late 80s to modern day. Dale worked in New York city and as most of us was tired if artificial drinks and ingredients. Cocktails in the 70's and early 80's took a back seat to clubs/ dance bars and live entertainment. Dale brought classics cocktails back into popularity and start what we know as mixologist as a profession. He explains every spirit in where it came from, its feature elements and even some drinks to be in use for. He goes into techniques and garnishes. He even goes into types of ice and which one to use when. His cocktails are world famous especially the Cosmopolitan cocktail.

There you go on some details we will cover in this episode.

Sippin Safari JBB: Amazon Sippin' Safari book

Remixed JBB: Amazon Remixed Book link

Taboo Table: Amazon Taboo Table book

Smuggler’s Cove: Amazon Smuggler's Cove Book

Minimalist Tiki: https://www.themodernbartender.com/minimalist-tiki-book.html

Potions of the Caribbean JBB: Amazon Potions of the Caribbean book

The New Craft of the Cocktail: Everything You Need to Know to Think Like a Master Mixologist, with 500 Recipes Dale Degroff: Amazon Dale Degroff Book

Trader Vic’s Tiki Party by Steve Siegelman: Amazon Trader Vic's Tiki Party Book

And a Bottle of Rum, Revised and Updated: A History of the New World in Ten Cocktails Wayne Curtis: Amazon "And a Bottle of Rum" Book

The Modern Bartender website: https://www.themodernbartender.com/

OH here is the link for the mini ice cube tray I just purchased...this is great substitute for crushed ice in cocktails:
Amazon Mini Ice Cube Tray link

Episode 89: Pain Killada and Craig’s Blue Fusion Cocktails

Hey Folks,

Sorry for the delay! I have moved and the studio needed to be reset up again as well as my liquor cabinet as well LOL!

This episode we don’t have Paola unfortunately as she is travelling to Hawaii and do some “research” for us and it’s her first time there and so I’m sure she is checking every single tiki bar she can. Mark gave her a list so look forward to seeing what she experienced but that is another show….

This episode we are doing a spin off a Pain Killer cocktail. You can go back and check out that episode, but this cocktail is called the Pain Killada (yes, a Pina Colada and Pain Killer combined). It came from a YouTube channel that I follow, and we have mentioned before on the show called “Distinguished Spirits”. This channel is packed full of tiki drinks and tons of history and knowledge on the drinks. Well produced and entertaining as well.

I go through some history of the Pain Killer which you must use Navy Pusser’s rum that is trademarked to the drink or its not a Pain Killer. We go through some of this rum’s history and even the bar that the Pain Killer was created (Soggy Dollar…why is it called that, listen to find out).

On “Craig’s Creation” segment, we dip into a new cocktail that I have tweaked for years and now finally on a summer menu at my bar. The “Blue Fusion” cocktail is a nice spin of spiced rum, blue Curacao, lime juice, pineapple juice and vanilla bean syrup. This is definitely a Linda/Paola’s drink if you are a follower of the girls.

On “Did You Know?” segment, we talk about something that is not usually a topic on our show, but it got me thinking. DST (Daylight Savings Time) is something that always throws me off. When does it happen? Why do we do it? What would happen if we stopped doing? And so much more cool facts I bet you didn’t know like us Canadians started it…yep (trust me, I don’t want to take credit for it).


Links to the show:

Recipes: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/

Vanilla bean YouTube syrup video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32wBmWQxbX0

Cinnamon Syrup YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHoCSuYkKck

Distinguished Spirits YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/DistinguishedSpirits

Mini Ring Game on Amazon: Amazon Ring Game page

Craig’s Creation page: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/craigs-creation/

Episode 90: Lost Tapes with Paola and Justin’s adventures to Hawaii, part 1

Hi guys,
I bet you are wondering, where did they go ? Did the show stopped? Where is my drink recipes because I need a drink stat?
Well, Lots has happened since our last show and I feel I need to explain (if you want to skip this go to SHOW NOTES BELOW). So around Christmas last year, I got separated and moved to a new apartment. I also had to move the entire liquor cabinet (360 bottles) and the studio to a new location. I then had to move again in May to a new townhouse where I have finally set up shop. Also, the bar scene has been quit a ride with shutdowns and re-openings/staffing/patio season prep and so on...Overall, we are back and I apologize sincerely to our listeners for this massive delay. But we are back and will be bring your new shows more frequently than last year. That said let's go onto the show!!!
SHOW Notes:
This episode and the next we will be talking to my co-host Paola and her husband and love of her life Justin on their adventures to Hawaii that they took in May.
The cocktail to this show is Paola's favorite from the trip (beside the Blue Hawaii, and yes apparently mine is better..no big head now LOL). The drink is the Lava Flow. This cocktail features fresh/frozen strawberries, white rum, coconut rum, pine apple juice and NO bananas according to Paola. You will need a blender for this one for sure and a large tiki glass or Hurricane glass.
On Paola's adventures, we ask about the resort Aulani they stayed at which captures the Polynesian culture and has several man made lagoons. Justin explains why they are there and how they came to be. Paola goes into detail about her first luau. Monkeypod is another stop they made on their journey and Paola gives her opinion on the drinks. Justin tries what he claims is the best Mai Tai. They give us details on their car trip around the island and the climate changes you see from one side of the island to the other. Finally on this first part of the show, they discuss the Mai Tai bar at the Grand Hawaiian hotel.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this great adventure, where we will ask Justin his favorite cocktail from the trip and more locations to adventure off to on the island.

Links to the show:
Aulani Resort (Disney) in Hawaii: https://www.disneyaulani.com/
Monkeypod Kitchen : https://monkeypodkitchen.com/
Mai Tai Bar Royal Hawaiian Hotel: https://www.royal-hawaiian.com/dining-overview/mai-tai-bar/
Recipe to the show: http://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes/

Episode 90: Lost Tapes with Paola and Justin’s adventures to Hawaii, part 2

Hey guys,

So we are continuing on our talks with Paola and Justin on their great adventure to Hawaii..

Sorry the intro is the same as part one as we only recorded one intro and then decided to split the show into two. But it is worth hearing again. Mark is not a tiki expert according to him just someone who drinks a lot LOL (running joke). And Paola will finally say who our special guests is...Justin!!!

On this episode, we will be talking about Justin's favorite drink he had which is the Big Island Iced Tea (a spin off of a traditional Ice Tea cocktail which we will be covering soon). He explains to use the significance of the name to the drink and the islands.
Justin also talks about the many Mai Tai's he tried and which one was his favorite. After hearing the ingredients, my mouth watered but sadly we can make it here in North America due to a ingredient special grown in Hawaii only.
We get into the Hilton Resort they stayed at and some of the pluses and minus of the resort. I think either way its oasis and will always want to go there. Justin tells his about meeting up with a special bartender and his background which in tiki world is amazing.
Paola gets into the Blue Hawaiian cocktail she had and its variations she came across.

Links to the show:
Recipes for the show:
Hawaiian Village resort: https://www.hiltonhawaiianvillage.com/

Episode 91: Mojito Show and Cuba (with special guest Cameron)

Hi guys,

Yes, this is been a crazy year and getting shows out has been a challenge at times...I'll work on that but I do have a surprise for you on this episode as Cameron (original co-host) is back for this one and my guinea pigs as well as Mark on some new variations of the summer classic: Mojito.

So with the origin, we go through a few of the theories to this drink as some of the classic cocktails wasn't documented well back then as to who create them. We dug deep and came up with a few for you to ponder over: Sir Francis Drake (explorer, pioneer, adventure and yes a pirate) has his men go ashore in Cuba to gather items to create a drink to cure Scurvy and other illnesses; OR Cuban tribes men create the remedy to cure illness and passed it onto new pioneers that came ashore: OR Ernest Hemingway helped a bartender create the cocktail while on his usual stops at the bar. You decide which you think is the right answer....

So recipes we do a basic Mojito and don't forget to SMACK your mint for your garnish LOL. We then attempt several other takes of the recipe such as coconut rum, demerara syrup instead of simple syrup, limoncello liqueur in the mix, or basil (yes basil...which didn't turn out so hot).

We go through some cool facts about Cuba, Bacardi rum, and Havana Club rum that you might have known such as why is there a bat logo on the bottle of Bacardi, where did Bacardi leave to and why, Havana Club always been owned by the gov't?? These questions and more like the new rules to Embargo to Cuba are answered on this episode.

Some Links for the show:
Recipes: https://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes-page-2/
Cool link page: https://tikicentralcanada.ca/cool-links/
YouTube "How To Drink" episode on 8 variations of the Mojito: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxq2xuqVsf0
YouTube Anders Erikson video on making mojitos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMypSCazyRw
Main website page: www.tikicentralcanada.ca


Episode 92: Talk like a Pirate show 2022 (special guests Rob and Erica Brunner)

Hi guys,

Long time no show...I know, I know!!!
This is one of my favorite shows yearly as we talk about September 19th: "Talk Like A Pirate Day"
Rob and Erica Brunner always join us for this show and you maybe be asking why if you ever listen to this show yearly??
Well, first off Rob is a Lieutenant Commander of the Canadian Royal Navy (ok that qualifies him for sure), and he is also part of a pirate society association of Canada that does pirate re-enactments and show across the country (ok, now he is very qualified)!!!
So I know this show is usually longer than our normal show but when I start talking about pirates then just like Rob and Erica do; I can go on for hours!!!
So, we do have a pirate themed drink for you this show called the "the French Pirate" cocktail. We used this drink for several reasons: 1) Cointreau and brandy are related to the French community and of course to piracy on ships,
2) tiki ingredient of Falernum is being used so that is a plus
3) Pusser's rum which was the British navy's rum given out to sailors on ships as rations is again another plus
Yes, I did tweak the original recipe but come on it's me....I'll post both the original recipe and the tweaked version for you on our website so check them out and get a stiiirrrring!! Eye!!

So with Rob and Erica's expertise we discuss words or phrases that would be used on the ships during the pirate era. We discuss their crew the " Cut N Run" which travels to different events and educates and entertains crowds on piracy and the hardships they went through. Erica goes into detail about hardships and myths that maybe given pirates the glamourous life we think they might have had but was not so.
Rob discusses some of the rums around the world he has come across and transporting those back to Canada. Yes, I have mentioned on previous shows about travelling and rum....

Links to the show:
Recipes: https://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes-page-2/
Pirate magazine (Rob writes articles for and very informative: magazine is in English and French): https://fliphtml5.com/homepage/gybp?fbclid=IwAR35t1nqRCoTjksgPSa-lT3KN5ZvLSbkuA_OFdZDdy8s-5K8VbvP2PKRe1M
Cut N Run Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CutAndRunPirates
Cut N Run videos FB: https://www.facebook.com/CutAndRunPirates/videos
Pirate Website: https://mftproduction.wixsite.com/festivaldespiratres
Oh bonus YouTube video: rum knowledge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4BFb5sknGY

Episode 93: Mark’s Adventures goes to Hawaii, part 1

HI guys,

So, I know we are cutting it close for the year end to jam a few more shows in for you. This special episode (this is part one of 2) is about Mark's adventures to Hawaii. He finally went back to the oasis he knew so many years ago and re-visited a few places and checked out some new ones as well. He tried out 30 Mai Tai just for research. I know the things he will do for our listeners, what a trooper!!
This episode we will talk about two cocktails he experienced there on his journeys: Sand and Sea Cocktail from Rumfire bar and High Maka Mai Tai which I saw in some of the pictures of menus he sent back to me as I enjoyed our cold (burr) weather here.
We figured we give you two drinks and one of course has to be a version of Mai Tai which seems to be the Hawaiian trade mark of drinks. We will go further into that in part 2.

On Mark's adventures segment, we will be discussing the bar called "La Mariana Sailing Club" which started back in the 50's! Yes, that long it has been around and thank god we see tiki can survive things like hurricanes, earthquakes, financial troubled times,  and still stand tall.

Paola and Mark compare notes to just how the tiki/Polynesian times have changed over the years to more commercial and high end tourism.

Links for the show:
Recipes for the show: https://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes-page-2/
Mark's adventures page: https://tikicentralcanada.ca/marks-tiki-page/
Facebook page for "La Mariana Sailing Club": https://www.facebook.com/lamarianasailingclub/
Menu page for La Mariana Sailing Club: http://www.lamarianasailingclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/LMSC-Dinner-Menu.pdf

Episode 94: Christmas Show 2022

Hi folks,

I hope everyone had great holidays this year and some time off of course. Isn't the best thing of the year to end it with family and friends and time to reflect on the year we have had....

This episode we will give you two Christmassy recipes for you o try out during this time. I said Christmassy as I don't normal make cocktails that are holiday related. I know you are saying "Craig you are such a Scrooge" but for me I like making cocktails that are not so targeted to a specific holiday but something you can enjoy anytime of the year.

So we have the Island Holiday cocktail which is a layered drink and does contain a special liqueur called Midori (or Crème de Menthe dark). Now, we do give you some tips to layering a drink but don't worry if you can't do it as my grandpa would say:" It's all going down the same hole" and so don't sweat it but give a try. Our second cocktail is "Rudolph's Night Off" which I found on Pinterest which I am sorry I don't understand how to use and I guess I'm old school on these things.

We also talk about what are our Christmas plans for the season, what was our most memorable gift we ever got (and yes mine was drums LOL).  We also talk about New Year's resolutions which I know we never stick to but fun to talk about.

On "Did you Know?" segment: we find out Santa has his own postal code in Canada. How many gifts are given out on the 12 days of Christmas and how NORAD started tracking Santa's journey on that special day.

Here are the links to the show:
Recipe for this show (remember now we have 2 pages of recipes): https://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes-page-2/
Island Holiday Cocktail: https://www.moderntiki.com/island-holiday-tiki-cocktail/
Modern tiki home page: https://www.moderntiki.com/
Here is a Christmas Cocktail we didn’t mention on the show but give it a try:

Rudolph’s Night off cocktail: https://www.elletalk.com/rudolphs-night-off/

Cranberry simple syrup video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Htxz1M0MIw

Episode 95: Mark’s Adventures goes to Hawaii, Part 2

Hi folks and Happy New Year,

This is our 5th year doing the show and wow we have gone through a lot in that time!! I was hoping we would have cracked 100th last year but it's coming!! Ok, enough about that, this show is part two of Mark's adventures to Hawaii....

We will do two cocktails on this show for you from there. We need to do some Mai Tai cocktails of course and so we are giving you two versions of Trader Vic's Mai Tai. Now wait a minute Craig, I thought there is one original and all the other are spin offs of that but how can the same man make different versions of his drink? Well, I will tell you, the reason is the rums that he purchased to make the original Mai Tai cocktail were specific rums from specific parts of the Caribbean and through time those rums depleted. So, he had to start all over with new rums and maybe change some of the mixes to compliment those new rums. Also, tourism is a factor in creation of tropical drinks as they want something more main stream and ingredients that they would know and already have a craving for.  Remember, NO grenadine though ok!!!

So we will do 1956 version of the drink with specific regional rums and the next one will be 1961 and the rums will be more general and the mixes will change as well.  We find out just what does Mark put in his version of the Mai Tai and his thoughts on many Mai Tais that he did try out while he was in Hawaii.  We explain what is Rocky Candy syrup which was a common ingredient back in those days in some of the recipes you will find. It's very simple (lol) to make!!!
We discuss the secrecy that was back then to keep competitors or clients wondering just what is in this drink. I ask Mark on his thoughts as to why is the Mai Tai the Hawaiian tiki drink ???

On "Mark's Adventures" segment: we discuss great small place Mark found called "Tahiti Nui". We discover another strong willed woman ran this place and had things like Pot lucks and live music to keep the clients coming back for more. This long running bar has a lot of history in it and Mark dived right in to find out more!!!

Links to the show:
Recipes for this show: https://tikicentralcanada.ca/recipes-page-2/
Mark's Adventure page: https://tikicentralcanada.ca/marks-tiki-page/

Tahiti Nui website: https://www.thenui.com/

YouTube Video of Tahiti Nui restaurant: Tahiti Nui You Tube video review