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Season 2 Tiki Trivia from 2019:

  1. Mai Tai was created by: a) Don Beachcomber (who was a pioneered tiki) combined several rums with pomegranate juice and pineapple juice; b) Tony Ramos who made the drink due too much rum stored in the bar for business man; c) Trader Vic had some people from Tahiti who called it “Mai Tai Roa”; d) Tahiti tribe’s men to sway off evil demons
  2. How was the mojito created : a) Local Cuban bartender added mint to Tom Collins to entertain tourist in Cuba; b) Local tribesmen’s on Cuba creates this drink to help navy sailors who was suffering with scurvy on the ships coming ashore c) By Cuba local bartender after Castrol’s revolution and take control of Cuba; d) by a mixologist who worked for Bacardi on Cuba to help sell the Bacardi brand.
  3. How did tiki become popular during the 1940s: a) Everyone loved the tropical shirts, tiki masks so then bars started making tiki drinks; b) During prohibition, everything but rum was banned and rum based tiki drinks became popular; c) The recipes was published in local papers and so people wanted to enjoy these tropical drinks at their local bars; d) Navy sailors returned home after world war II and back to regular American lifestyles and wanted a place to relive their tropical adventures.
  4. What does “Tapping the Admiral” mean: a) It’s a term that was created due to an admiral being preserved in a cask of rum and the sailors tapped the cask due to rum supplies ran out; b) It’s the term for opening a bottle of premium batch of aged rum which was reserved for Navy Admirals; c) a term which is actually means killing a royal navy admiral during battle in 1700s; d) a term when Caribbean natives would communicate with British navy admiral when they would arrive on land
  5. How did the name for Gosling Black Seal Rum from Bermuda come from: a) In Bermuda, seals are the national animal for the island and therefore on the bottle; b) It’s the island’s delicacy which started back in pirate era; c)The bottle was black glass like a seal and was called that by the Navy sailors ; d)the bottle used to be sealed with black wax and the sailors would request the “Black Seal” and the logo later on was added to the bottle
  6. Polynesia is a) part of the Caribbean islands below the equator; b) a region in the Pacific Ocean that covers area from Hawaii to Easter Island to New Zealand; c) a region in the Hawaiian Islands where tiki started with the Maori tribes; d) is a term to describe tiki culture and artifacts
  7. How did St Martin / St Maarten get divided by the French and the Dutch: a) French already owed the island and the Dutch claimed the southern part of the island and they decided to stay; b) It was decided over a card game between a French and Dutch Admiral during the 1700s; c) they both tried to claimed the island and when the Treaty of Concordia was signed they claimed what parts they already covered at that time; d) a French man and a Dutch man was standing back to back and told to walk around the island til they met again and whatever they walked is their territory while drinking their nation’s drink
  8. The word proof was created: a) when rum and water rations was given to the Navy sailors, it was a way to prove it was proper ratio by adding gun powder and lighting it to prove its rum; b) by the amount of alcohol which is in one barrel of a batch before being bottled; c) by doubling the amount of ABV alcohol content of the spirit in the bottle; d) a term in France back in 1700s that would let the purchaser know how much parts per 100 ml was the alcohol per bottle
  9. What is Black Tot day: a) that was the day named when prohibition started; b) that was the day of the Molasses Act in 1733, which had imposed a tax on molasses and decline rum in the colonies; c) that was the day when the British Navy stopped rationing out rum to the sailors on the ships; d) that was the day that Jamaican rum was banned from being sold to the American colonies to increase their own rum supplies being sold
  10. Tiki means: a) is demigod that the inhabitants worship named Te Fiti, who brought life to the ocean; b) statue that represents the demi god named Liko, who brought the crops and water to man; c) first man in Maori mythology, making him somewhat like a Polynesian version of Adam; d) Hawaiian masks and artifacts
  11. Daquiri made where: a) Navy/pirate on the high seas; b) Cuba by Ernest Hemingway and a local bartender in Cuba; c) Jennings cox for guests because he ran out of gin; d) New Orleans after prohibition due to surplus of rum
  12. What is in a Pina Colada: a) Ice cream, rum and bananas; b) Cream, rum, cream of coconut, and pineapple; c) pineapple juice, rum, coconut milk, and vanilla syrup; d) Pina Colada mix, rum, and cream.
  13. Don Beachcomber was a pioneer in tiki bars, what was his wife’s name: a) Cherilyn Sarkisian; b) Sunny Robinson; c) Sunny Sund; d) Helen Mirren
  14. What does the tiki statue represent today in Hawaii: a) the deceased in the family as well as sacred areas; b) where you will find a tiki bar or restaurant; c) It’s for tourist to take home as a souvenir; d) represents a government building entrance
  15. Trader Vic had a wooden leg and so how did he get that: a) a shark bitten it off when he was in the navy; b) lost it in the war during battle; c) car accident that he drunk drove and after never drinks again; d) he had to have his leg amputated to stop the spread of tuberculosis
  16. What is the reason behind Pusser’s rum’s name: a) was named after Buford Hayse Pusser who is known for his virtual one-man war on moonshining, prostitution, gambling, and other vices along the Mississippi–Tennessee state line ; b) was the name of the lieutenant on the ship who was responsible to portion the grog (rum/water) to the sailors; c) was the term for a merchant who would sell rum to locals at the tavern; d) was named after one of the ships in Christopher Columbus’ fleet in 1492
  17. What does “Three Dots and a Dash” mean: a) a cocktail created by Don the Beachcomber which represented “V” for victory in the war; b) a name of Trader’s Vic’s cocktail that had three cherries and a slice of orange as a garnish; c) Morse code for “T” which was used by Trader Vic to mark his bars; d) A cocktail that got its name due to three cherries muddled and a dash of bitters in it
  18. What does the “Jet Pilot” cocktail mean: a) a cocktail created in 1940’s by Don the Beachcomber which meant if you had one that you was blasting off to the moon; b) a cocktail that has 151 proof rum in it and someone has to test it (thus the name); c) Trader Vic’s spin off cocktail from Don’s “Test Pilot” which was named after the air force pilots; d) a cocktail created by Steve Crane who was in the air force during the war to return to USA and open Steve Crane’s luau restaurant chain
  19. Rum is from what: a) product of sugar cane juice; b) product after breaking down sugar cane which made molasses; c) product of wheat and barley; d) product of agave plant in the Caribbean islands
  20. Dark rum means it’s an aged rum: true or false
  21.  The Hurricane cocktail was created: a) on navy ships named after the hurricane lamp used for light during storms at sea; b) by Trader Vic with four different kinds of rum and claimed “it would turn your world around”; c) by Martin Cate at Smuggler’s Cove which is a third generation tiki cocktail; d) in New Orleans after prohibition due to the surplus of rum the bar had and was made for the sailors
  22. Who was a famous visitor of Trader Vic’s that would visit after hours not to be seen: a) Humphrey Bogart; b) Richard Nixon; c) Marilyn Monroe; d) Frank Sinatra
  23. The “Soggy Dollar” is what: a) a cocktail that was created during Mardi Gras in; New Orleans; b) was a Trader Vic’s cocktail that only cost you a dollar to buy and got its name due to the bar top being covered in booze; c) is a bar on a remote island that only you can swim up to and only takes cash; d) the name of Trader Vic’s first bar before opening his now well known bar under his name
  24. Tom Collins was named after: a) the gin used to make the drink which was called “Old Tom” gin; b) the creator of the drink in 1891 in London, England; c) was originally called “Dutch Collins” as it used Genever which was gin’s original name in Netherlands; d) the bartender who claimed to make the drink back in 1900’s but later on found it was made by a man named John Collins in France
  25. The Mai Tai tiki cocktail: a) has several rums plus pineapple juice, and grenadine; b) has several mixed rums plus almond syrup and lime juice with no grenadine; c) has dark rum only plus orange and pineapple juice; d) Malibu rum plus orange and pineapple juice with a splash of grenadine


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Season 3 Tiki Trivia from 2020:

  1. Cinco de Mayo, or the fifth of May, is a holiday that celebrates the date of the Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla. Why was France attacking Mexico for: a) To take over the region and claim it as French territory; b) for the resources such as agave, gold, silver and zinc; c) The Mexican president was forced to default on debt payments to European governments and France sent their naval forces to collect; d) retaliation on Mexico gov’t for sending forces to Honduras
  2. Chief Lapu Lapu cocktail is named after a famous Filipino leader who battled the famous Ferdinand Magellan who was travelling around the world. The drink took on many names after in tiki bars in North America. What is this famous drink also referred to today: a) The tropical; b) Aku Aku; c) Chief Polynesian Spell; d) Aku Aku Lapu
  3. “Talk Like a Pirate” day is celebrated on September 19th every year where you can talk like a pirate all day…arrrr!!! What day was the original holiday set to be celebrated on and why was not it celebrated on that day: a) It was June 6th but its June 6 is the anniversary of World War II’s D-Day; b) It was October 12th but its Christopher Columbus day in USA; c) September 16th but it’s the celebration of Mexico’s Independence day; d) it was May 25th but that is Memorial Day.
  4. Pirates will have a flag on their ship to notify other ships that thye are pirates and prepare to be boarded. It is called the “Jolly Roger” flag which originally was red but now we see it as black with significant symbols such as crossbones and daggers. What is the translation of “Jolly Roger” mean: a) it means from the Latin translation “no mercy”; b) it means from the French translation “pretty red”; c) it means from the Dutch translation “no survivors”; d) it means from the English translation “happy pirate”.
  5. Blue Hawaii a nice bluish refreshing drink which comes from Hawaii was named and created during which famous movie of the time: a) Blue Hawaii starring Elvis Presley which helped tiki take off in USA; b) South Pacific starring Rossano Brazzi which eventually was turned into a musical; c) Waikiki Wedding starring Bing Crosby and shows Mai Tai as the drink of choice; d) Girls, Girls, Girls starring Elvis Presley and also featured Elvis’s song “Return to Sender”.
  6. On Day of the Dead it is a celebration of the deceased and time for the family to spend time with them. They put food, liquor and even smokes are their marked graves or sites. In the James Bond movie Spectre, we see the opening scene that James is walking through a parade of the celebration. True or False: Was the parade and the celebration in Mexico City where it was filmed an annual event which marks this day?
  7. Don the Beachcomber was a rum runner during the Prohibition era but when he returned to California he took on what job: a) he was a grocery clerk; b) he was a key grip on Hollywood movies and met famous actors; c) he bartended a famous local bar which Charlie Chaplin was a regular at; d) he was valet for a restaurant and met famous Hollywood types.
  8. Voodoo Macbeth an Orson Welles production was a strange and some saw as an unspoken play. It became very popular due to an event, what was that event: a) It was claimed in the newspaper that people were being possessed after seeing the play and so curious public had to see it for themselves; b) a writer gave the play a bad review and one of the cast members placed a curse on him where he died the next day; c) it was the first multi-racial play of its time and so it drew people in to see for themselves; d) the main actor of the play came down with a cold and died the next day but the newspaper blamed the play saying it was practicing true voodoo.
  9. The Mary Pickford cocktail was created during the Prohibition times in Cuba for the famous actress Mary Pickford. She went on to create the United Artist Studio which was sold and owned now my MGM studios. She started the studio with what two people: a) Douglas Fairbanks and Charlie Chaplin; b) Clark Gable and Cary Grant; c) Gary Cooper and Charlie Chaplin; d) James Cagney and Robert Montgomery.
  10. Prohibition had banned a lot of things during its time but what things was created after due to this era: a) income tax to help the gov’t generate revenue lost but taxes on liquor; b) Motel T automobile was ran off the line after Prohibition thanks to workers being well spirited with liquor again; c) Electric toaster was created since the family unit was spending more time at home with home cooked meals; d) sound in movies was created since the bars was closed and people were going to the movies more often
  11. In our episode of Shark’s Tooth, the first Shark Protection Law was put into place, what was the law enforcing: a) It was illegal to obtain and/or sell shark’s fin on the market; b) It was illegal to fish or capture sharks within a 25 miles region offshore of Hawaii; c) If a shark was caught in your fishing nets during the fishing season, you must free or cut your net to let the shark swim away and be free of capture; d) Shark teeth can not be removed from the shark but you can only gain possession of them through finding them onshore or in the ocean.
  12. In Antigua, Rum Punch is one of the drinks we covered on the show. What place was this recipe being used or being served at: a) It was on the resort called Starfish Jolly Beach Resort created by the head bartender; b) it is the island’s national drink and can even be purchased in bottles at the liquor store; c) It was a drink that was created while I visited a bar and now is being served on their menu; d) It’s a local drink that is classified as moonshine and even the locals don’t drink it as its too potent.
  13. On Antigua Island, there is the Nelson’s Dockyard posted there. It is a dock protected by three fortresses on neighboring mountain tops. What are these forts called: a) Fort James built in 1773, the fort was armed with 36 guns, and had a barracks which accommodated 75 men; b) Fort Charles  was a military post from at least 1666, and rebuilt by English Governor Thomas Hill by 1689. By 1736, the fort had 40 guns; c): Shirley Heights was named after Governor sir Thomas Shirley and was built in 1781. It included a guard house, officers' quarters, a 40-bed hospital, canteen, and a cemetery; d) Charlotte’s Point after re-taking the island in 1763 from the French, the British commenced the building of the fort. Construction started in 1763 and was completed by 1806. In its heyday, it supported 600 troops and 34 guns. Some cannon is dated 1811.
  14. In our episode named “Black Tot Day”, we discuss some navy terms used back on the British ships. One term “Grog Tub” meant what in the navy: a) An oak cask was the place to get your rum rations for the day. On the side of the cask were the brass letters THE KING GOD BLESS HIM; b) It was an actual tub that they would fill with rum to place a sick sailor to help cure scurvy; c) It was a large container that each sailor would have in their courters to store their rum rations or surplus; d) It was where rum would be watered down to make the grog and through a spout they would pour your rum rations out to you in the evening after a meal.
  15. Tiki Ti was created by Ray Buhen who used to work for Don the Beachcomber. He was also one of the sources of Jeff “beachbum” Berry. How did Jeff retrieve the information of Ray’s: a) He was given the recipes through his daughter after Ray passed away and she knew that Jeff was pursuing her father for them; b) At an extreme old age, Ray finally gave the recipes to Jeff after several attempts in the past to get the information; c) Jeff stole the recipe book after a meeting he had one day with Ray and decrypted all the secret codes of the drinks; d) Jeff pursued ray with no success for years and so he re-engineered the drinks without Ray’s help.


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Season 4 Tiki Trivia from 2021:

1) The Cosmopolitan (episode 56) was created by who? a) Bartender Neal Murray says he created the cosmopolitan in 1975 at the Cork & Cleaver steak house in Minnesota; b) Cheryl Cook in NY. She was approached by Absolut to create a new cocktail using their new product of Absolut Citron vodka; c) Dale Degroff a world renowned cocktail creator who became the Absolut ambassador to the cocktail; d) the cocktail was created back in the 30s under a different name, Cosmopolitan Daisy which appears in Pioneers of Mixing at Elite Bars 1903–1933.

2) In episode 57: TLAP day, William McCoy was referred to everyone as the Real McCoy. Why was he called the “real McCoy”. a) He was the original and first rum runner and therefore everyone after him was not the real McCoy; b) It was the name of his ship that he used to transport rum from Jamaica to the international line off USA shores to transport rum; c) he never lied or went back on a rum and could be trusted for trade; d) he sold rum that wasn’t watered down or manipulated in any way and therefore the ‘real McCoy”.

3) In episode 59, Mint julep and Kentucky Derby; What facts is true about the Kentucky Derby race: a) The Kentucky Derby is the longest running sporting event in the United States, dating back to 1875; b) the Mint Julep cocktail is served in a silver plated cup and has a gold straw and costs $1000 per serving; c) It has been record that half a million of the Mint Julep cocktails are served over the race and day of the event; d) the Daquiri was actual drink of the race up to 1875 and then whiskey became popular and therefore the drink was changed to the Mint Julep

4) In episode 61: Apple cider and Thanksgiving, what cool fact about Thanksgiving is true: a) Abraham Lincoln: He scheduled Thanksgiving for the 3rd Thursday in November; b) Franklin D. Roosevelt moved the holiday to the last week of November in an attempt to spur retail sales during the Great Depression for Xmas; c) Roosevelt’s plan, known as Franksgiving, was met with passionate opposition, and in 1941 the president signed a bill making Thanksgiving the fourth Thursday in November; d) The original celebration with the Pilgrims was well received as they made home made apple pies from the crops harvest prior to the winter to use up the supplies before the expire.

5) In episode 61, La Paloma and DOD, we talk about the Mexican celebration in October near Halloween, what are the similarities of the two? a) They both incorporate sweets and food to offerings; b) they both celebrate the dead as Halloween celebrates the deceased of the past, while DOD celebrates the memories of the deceased; c) orange and black are used throughout the events to show fall into winter season; d) both events are used in introductions to James Bond movies (Spectre, Live and Let Die).

6) In episode 62, Pearl Diver: we talk about the origin of the cocktail at Don the beachcomber’s tiki bar, what is a true fact to this story? a) This location is 2 blocks away from Trader Vic’s original location and both were constantly competing against each other for guests; b) It is 2 blocks away from the Warner Brothers film studio and would see famous movie stars as VIP guests which made it very popular; c) its is 2 blocks away the TCL Chinese theater and the walk of fame and now is a dog park; d) Don had a authentic navy diver suit in the bar and guests would take pictures with it which made it a popular place to be.

7) In episode 64: Last Rites cocktail, Mariano Licudine was the #2 bartender at Don and eventually went over the Mai Kai, what is a not a true fact about his amazing life: a) Mariano married to Eva Ryan, whose girlfriends all ended up marrying Marino’s cousins; b) He also served Laurel and Hardy in the 30s. He was private chauffeur and bartender (easy as they drank scotch and soda mostly); c) one of 14 children and did odd jobs to get by, until he ended up at Donn Beachcombers restaurant; d) Marino was active at Don’s and Mai Kai being on the company’s golf tournaments and got personal golf lessons from Arnold Palmer.

8) In episode 66: Myrtle Bank Punch, we talk about Port Royal and have on several occasions, what facts is about PR true? a) It is the resting place of Captain Morgan and the entire city was broken off and ended up at the bottom of the ocean due to an earthquake; b) It is a famous dock on Haiti that was known as a pirate haven and was eventually taken over by the British who would execute pirates for treason; c) it was safe haven for Captain Morgan during his pirate era and he buried his treasures in this area which still even today the deep sea divers trying to locate it; d) Port Royal in Bahamas is a shallow water dock that was well known for the Spanish merchants to dock and last sop on the journey back to Europe with the treasures.

9) In episode 67: Hawaiian Eye cocktail of the 1960s was created by Harry Yee, what is not a true fact about him: a) Harry Yee died at the age of 86 years old and finally a year after his death was recognized officially as the creator of this drink; b) Harry is still alive and was the first bartender to put an orchid in a cocktail; c) He used the tiki umbrella which was a standard garnish from Hawaii and he learned in his journeys; d) Harry was the junior bartender at the famous Hawaiian Village Hotel in Hawaii and only became famous on his journey to USA where his talents was recognized.

10) In episode 68: Banana DAQ we talk about some cool facts about the banana which is: a) banana do grow on trees which can grow up to 20 feet tall; b) bananas not like some fruit doesn’t have seeds inside and are cloned to create new ones; c) bananas are actually dyed yellow in color and are actually green when harvested from the trees; d) bananas are radioactive from the potassium

11) In episode 69: Saturn cocktail, it was created by a bartender named J. Popo Galsini and was named after what? a) It was named after a X-15 project that designed rockets and eventually was information used to design the space shuttle but the project was scrapped after a tragic accident killing pilots; b) It was named after a customer sampled the new designed cocktail at the Kona Kai and said “it’s out of this world and going to be as big as Saturn”; c) Popo always wanted to be an astrologist and so many of his cocktails had names relating to the subject like jet pilot, and astronaut; d) He entered the drink into the 1975 International Bartender's Association World Championships and won.

12) In episode 70: the Sidecar cocktail, what fact did we mention about prohibition on the show that is true? a) ASL (known as the Alcohol Saloon League) was developed to ban alcohol in local bar and saloons by woman’s protests in front of the saloons praying on the weak minded men who drank there; b) even after Prohibition started doctors was writing prescriptions for alcohol for medical reasons like stress, headaches which was legal; c) Prohibition created the amendment which introduced income taxes to cover the cost of lost income from alcohol sales to help keep the economy from crashing; d) It helped banned Russian vodka which was an issue and also competing against American Whiskey which also was an issue for the government to generate funds.

13) In episode 71: Hawaiian drinks and Luaus, Luaus was: a) families and tribes would gather around to celebrate with food and drinks; b) a tradition dating back hundreds of years, ancient Hawaiian luaus were referred to as an ‘aha’aina: aha translating to ‘spirtual’; c) 1819, ironically enough, hula dancing was banned by Queen Ka’ahumanu, as it was seen as too taboo of an activity. {ka-aboo-manoo}; d) the traditional feast was eaten off of lauhalas, large woven mats made from ti leaves, with diners sitting on long table with gold silverware.

14) In episode 72: Cinco de mayo was: a) Mexican’s independence day actually marks the moment in 1810 in the battle of Buena Vista against Americans; b) when Mexican President issued a deferral in which all foreign debt payments would be suspended for two years which brought the Spanish to war and won against; c) a battle that last 2 years and finally had the Spanish flee the country and Mexico was finally independent; d) By 1865, "with the American Civil War now over, the U.S. began to provide more political and military assistance to Mexico to expel the Spanish".

15) In episode 76: Grog cocktail, we talked about the word “proof”, and it was a way that navy sailors would be able to tell if the rum portion was the correct amount of rum in it. How would they prove this fact: a) they would use gun powder mixed into the liquid and light it on fire to see if a certain colour flame would appear and that way it was at proof; b) they would mix the rum and water and a Pusser position on the boat would be able to “proof” the liquid to make sure it was mixed properly; c) they would pour some of the grog onto gun powder and light it to see if it would light and if not then it was of “proof”; d) they would light the rum as it was a high alcohol level and see if it would light and a certain colour of flame would be of proof.